on the subject of… picking our wedding colors


One of a bride’s biggest decisions is deciding her wedding color palette. There were days and months I agonized over what two or three colors went well together. After all it does determine the rest of the day’s décor. For example it might determine what your floral arrangements will look like, not to mention what your bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear.

So when it came time to sort through the options and make a decision, I thought it would be a good idea to ask Andrew—“What colors do you like?”

And Andrew, being the wonderful husband he is replied, “Baby, I will love whatever you pick.”

“How about pink?” I suggest.


So much for I will love whatever you pick…


Photo from theperfectpalette.com

So, I gave up on my pink-peach-coral color palette aspirations and I… oops, I mean WE… eventually decided on a grey and yellow palette (with pops of bright green)! A color palette that is fresh, fun and flirty!

Check out more color palettes on theperfectpalette.com for inspiration! Whether you’re planning a wedding or doing some home decorating… the site puts together some beautiful color combos. I also love the yellow and mint color palette.


16 thoughts on “on the subject of… picking our wedding colors

  1. Interesting choice, which is good and makes for a stand out wedding colour palette. Can”t wait to see it in the flesh as it was! Pink is so old hat!!!! Oh, I hope you haven’t changed your mind and gone with pink after all………..;)0

  2. I LOOOOVE this!! Me and my friend were talking just this week about how pretty grey can look – especially when paired with a bright color (like yellow/orange/turquoise/green). It’s such a modern-and-pretty combo, and will look BEAUTIFUL on everyone. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  3. We had this same color palette for our wedding in October. My pinterest page has a “wedding” board with some things you might like for yellow/gray inspiration, and I’d be happy to send you photos of how we incorporated the colors…! 🙂

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