on the subject of… Valentine’s Day


(Pictured above: a dozen roses, dozens times over)

Thursday is a big day this week for couples: Valentine’s Day. So I thought I would be sneaky and ask Andrew if he had anything planned, but play it off like Thursday was just some normal Thursday. As if it could be just another Thursday…

Being cute and coy I asked him what he had planned this week.

To my surprise, he then laid out this entire idea to cook me dinner at home, with candles, flowers, and wine on Thursday night. Can’t fool him, I thought.

He then added: “But it will be nothing compared to what I have planned for next week, you know, on the 19th.”

“What’s the 19th?” I ask casually.

He looked at me with absolute horror. “No big deal, just our one year wedding anniversary,” he said looking down sounding hurt at first, but then looked up to show me a sly smile.

Well played, sir. He’s always been better at remembering special dates like this.


15 thoughts on “on the subject of… Valentine’s Day

  1. Good work Andrew! Miguel couldn’t remember what day Valentine’s Day was…haha. But he did surprise me with flowers today (for all I know he thought it was vday haha 😉

  2. Robs says: every day is Valentine’s day w/ you… that’s why he is off skiing and France and I am having a delicious time to myself… heading to the spa… oophs! I mean the gym.

  3. We don’t do cards or flowers at Valentines day as the industry just exploits us ( Brian says!!) but just so it was a memorable day, Brian poked me in the eye……by mistake of course!!! have a lovely day today and on the 19th!!!XXXXXX

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