On the subject of… shopping for the perfect pair of flats for my wedding

flats love final

Flats I ‘ve pinned lately: 1. Kate Spade, 2. J.Crew, 3. Kate Spade, 4. Tory Burch, 5. Kate Spade

This past weekend, Andrew and I were in Freedman Shoes on the hunt for my wedding day shoes. I am determined to find the perfect pair of flats—that’s right ladies, I am choosing to wear flats on my second wedding day (on my first wedding day I wore rainboots so really, this is an improvement). Not that I have anything against high-heels… I just happened to look like a baby giraffe when I walk in them. Not sexy.

I love the idea of wearing colorful flats that really pop! Blue colored flats would be a fun choice of course, since it would be my “something blue.” With that in mind, my eyes were immediately drawn to this beautiful bright blue pair of Coach flats. They were fancy enough to wear with a wedding gown, yet casual enough to wear every day to work.

Andrew thought they were great too. He said they looked really cool and he could see me wearing them. And since I loved them he encouraged me to buy them.

But I said no, I was just looking… after all I didn’t want rush into anything and buy my wedding shoes on an impulse purchase. I just want to look around and see what my options are.

The blood drained from his face. That’s what we are doing today? Just looking?

Well I prefer to call it research, but it was clear Andrew did not feel the same way. He found the one couch in the store, where all the other husbands and boyfriends were seated and sat down.

Poor guy, he knew instantly we would be here for a while… and leaving empty-handed.


11 thoughts on “On the subject of… shopping for the perfect pair of flats for my wedding

  1. I looove this idea!! You will be comfortable and able to dance all night. I love the sparkles of #5, and the pointy-toes on #2 just seem fancy (not to mention the graphic print is gorgeous!). I also love the idea of blue shoes too! So many choices! What are your wedding colors?

  2. I bought three pairs of shoes to wear at my wedding two years ago. Two of the pairs had low heels and the third pair was a pretty silver pair of Kate Spade ballet flats with small bows on the front. I always wear flat shoes and can’t walk in even low heels so I gave up on the dream of wearing heels to my own wedding. I wore the silver flats the whole day and loved how comfortable I was. I think the #5 pair of shoes are adorable and very wedding appropriate.

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