Take a coffee break… check!

nails and necklacefull body

I love the to-do list. The only way I survive my restless brain is with to-do lists and an agenda and lots of paper. I actually have 2 day agendas– one for work and one for home. I also have a couple of journals and notepads hanging around our apartment for the many ideas that float into my head, like projects to start, groceries to buy, outfits to try, books to read and blog topics to write about.

It’s probably because I get a huge satisfaction checking off items on my to do lists… so much so that I often will even put: “go for a coffee break with Andrew” on it, just so afterwards I can cross it off as complete. Because at the end of the day, if all else fails at least I got something checked off my to do list. It’s therapeutic. Plus its one more excuse to hang out with Andrew… 🙂

Do you ever put anything silly on your to-do lists, just to make you feel like you got something done?


16 thoughts on “Take a coffee break… check!

  1. I’m a to-do list person too! The best is when you have a huge long list with only one or two things left unchecked. Penciling in the fun stuff is sooo necessary 🙂

    PS I love your outfit too!! That bag is adorable.

  2. I sometimes write something on my to do list that I’ve actually already done… it makes me feel motivated and like I’ve not been completely wasting time! (Especially if anyone else sees it!)

  3. I am also an avid list maker. If I write it down, I’m less likely to forget to do it. But if its the list of jobs etc, I so put the simple and often silly jobs on, just to cross them off. What better way to feel productive. Coffee break here I come.

  4. i’m definitely a list maker! and this brings me to the thought of having silly things on your christmas list, like a hug from your mom…. duh, she has to give it to you! lol

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