Christmas Vacation part two: Chicago’s Cloud Gate

I love Chi-city! Now I could live here one day…

It’s home to some of my favorite things like: This American Life, Oprah, Obama, and Deep Dish Pizza.

Every time Andrew I visit Chicago we love checking out the city’s famous interactive sculpture Cloud Gate. We just can’t get enough of it. It’s still cool even after the 98th time you see it!







Because I have family near the windy city, Chicago is going to be a place that I think Andrew and I will visit often in the years to come. For that reason, every time we visit we try and do something new (plus I figure I gotta learn the ins and outs of this place if I am going to live here one day, right?).

This trip we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art and watched a Chicago Bulls game at the MADHOUSE aka United Center. Both activities I highly recommend next time you visit the windy city! To see more of my photos from our trip check out my instagram profile and feel free to follow me @ashlykissman.

Have you ever been to Chicago? What do you recommend to do there next time I am in town?


8 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation part two: Chicago’s Cloud Gate

  1. Love Chicago… Lived there for 10 years… No Cloud then, so thanks for the pics, best ones I’ve seen of the Cloudscape… Love the second one with the city view… Hey look, there’s Ms Perky in the center! Next visit… go to Graceland Cemetery.

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