Vancouver’s Annual Santa Claus Parade

A couple weekends ago, Andrew and I went to the city’s Annual Santa Claus Parade!

Parades are one thing I love about living in a big city! And the bigger the city, the better the parade. One day I’ll have to make it to New York for the creme de la creme of all parades: the Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade….

….one day….



My favorite float– every year they have this gold painted robot looking thing. I have no idea what it has to do with key tags at work, but I love it all the same. genius.



Once the parade was over Andrew and I stayed downtown to do some Christmas shopping and enjoy a romantic dinner at Chambar — a treat a highly reccommend for your next date night. Sorry for not taking any photos or offering any restaurant review, but Andrew told me it was time to put the camera away and enjoy some quality one on one time (although I will add that if you do go, get the lamb. Simply amazing!).

In other news this is happening… CHIPOTLE! It’s coming to Vancouver… and soon! I will no longer have to wait to go south of the border to feed my addiction. This new is almost better than Christmas. Key word: almost.



6 thoughts on “Vancouver’s Annual Santa Claus Parade

  1. Ok, aside from a type of sausage what is Chipotle? And Andrew is right. Sometimes we spend too much time getting blog fodder we forget to have quality time… Glad you had a great night, and that parade looks fun, I love a marching band, and that cool buildingin the top photo, the one with the green roof – I love it!! What era is it from do you know?

    • It’s the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel and was built in the 1930’s. Very luxe inside! OK Chipotle is a US mexican food chain owned my McDonald’s but its burritos are so good! Can’t say its the healthiest option but it sure is tasty

  2. Chipotle is my obsession – I could eat it everyday! When it moved down the street from my apt, I considered throwing a party (but instead I just got a lot of food and sat on my couch). 😉

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