Happy Anniversary… er… well one of them

Apologies for my lack of posts this past week. It seems after I got back from my vacation, all my time and energy was spent playing catch up with work, friends and home. And now with the holidays around the corner, it seems the weeks leading up to Christmas will just get busier.

But I did get some quality time with Andrew this past weekend when we celebrated our anniversary. Well one of them… We have more than one anniversary thats important to us; in fact , there are 3 days in the calendar year  I can think of that are special to us– and I am bad with dates! Andrew is usually the one that remembers all this stuff…

But November 30th is especially important because it marks our very first date.


11 years ago, we were 14 years old and Andrew asked me to the semi-formal dance. He had braces (which is why he is not smiling with teeth in this photo) and he was about 3 inches shorter than I was.

That night I purposely chose to keep my shoes off while my mom snapped a few photos of us before the dance. I tried to whisper and tell her to zoom in before she took the photo, so our feet would be out of the frame.

This photo proves she either didn’t hear me… or didn’t listen.

Since it was my mother, she probably just didn’t listen knowing that years from now I would look back on this photo and smile, remembering the time when I used to be bigger than my husband.

Happy Anniversary, hubby xxoo

Does anyone else celebrate the anniversary of their first date? 


7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary… er… well one of them

  1. Oh, geez you cuties. I love that you guys have three special dates to celebrate. Everyone gets Valentine’s Day as a romantic time for themselves, but having your own days are even better.

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