She’s a manrepeller

Holly and I got to meet the lovely and very approachable Leandra Medine, the blogger behind the New York based blog The ManRepeller at the Secret Location in Gastown last week. After waiting in line to meet her, I couldn’t believe how conversational and lovely she was. It’s always weird meeting a blogger you’ve followed for awhile… it’s like meeting a pseudo-celebrity. Although most people might not recognize her on the street, I somehow know what her latest thoughts are on dating, I know what she wore to her wedding and I know what fashion trend she loves right now.

What do you say to someone like that? I thought it might be awkward shaking her hand and saying hi, but her casual approach made the awkward moment dissappear. It felt like we just met at a bar through a friend of a friend of a friend and were hitting it off. She leaned over at one point and joked, let’s be honest we’re here for the free wine… A fellow blogger after my own heart.

It was also my first time to the Secret Location. The concept store is a one stop shop for art, design, craftsmanship, fashion and great tasting tapas all in one. It celebrates the finer things in life while getting quirky, creative and at some points … weird. I have to say after 3 glasses of wine… it all seemed pretty cool to me.

Don’t ask…

I never thought myself a Chanel girl, but this Vintage Chanel was gorgeous!

Holly I think was always a Chanel girl… and she is loving it! Even got to pose with this vintage gold clutch

I feel like if I lived in New York, this is what my friends would look like. 

Thanks to Holly, Leandra and everyone at The Secret Location for such a fun night!


6 thoughts on “She’s a manrepeller

  1. What a fun event!! I’m dying over those purses, and it’s so nice to hear that Leandre is so friendly! I was hoping she was – it’s funny to feel like you know someone through their blog without actually knowing them, you know? 🙂

    • Totally! Does that ever happen to you? A friend came up to me the other day and starting talking about something that I had never told anyone outloud, but I had written about on my blog and it was sooo strange… like a dream!

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