On the subject of… compatibility

Andrew asked me the other day, what do you think makes us compatible? 

I thought about it and began to reply that we are both athletic and enjoy playing sports together as much as we love watching them together. I added that we are both are self-motivated and driven people. We share similar values and morals. We both grew up in un-traditional lifestyles overseas. We both want a family one day…

I could have gone on, but I stopped and asked him: Why? What do you think makes us work?

And he replied: Because I don’t have to adjust the driver’s seat in the car after you drive it. 

Of course, why didn’t I think of that…


6 thoughts on “On the subject of… compatibility

  1. I really stop and wonder sometimes about how very different men and women are….. we are both good, just very different in many ways 🙂

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