Our first NFL game: GO Seahawks!

Last Sunday Andrew and I experienced our first NFL Game and it was unreal! Nothing against the CFL… but the energy inside an NFL game is like a local BC Lions game… times 10! To be fair, there were a lot more fans at Sunday’s game, than any game at BC Place I’ve ever been too. 67,000 people (us included) packed into the CenturyLink Stadium to watch the Seahawks take on the Minnesota Vikings.

As any Vancouverite knows, taking a trip down south to watch a professional sports game can get expensive (the tickets are pricey enough!). Here’s a few tips on how to keep a day trip to cheer on the Seahawks affordable.

1. If you want to look like you’ve been a Seahawks fan your whole life, stop at a Wal-Mart on the way down to buy cheap NFL apparel. A Seahawks hat for $12 at Wal-Mart is just as good as a Seahawks hat for $30 sold inside the stadium.

2. Finding affordable parking is tough! The further away you can park from the stadium the cheaper it gets. So if you don’t mind walking, keep driving! Just make sure you have a GPS so you don’t get lost. After passing $50 lots, $40 lots and then $30 lots, we finally found a $20 lot at Columbia and 1st. Plus it was valet parking! We kind of forgot that at the end of the game and didn’t come back with a tip… oops… can I use the excuse that we were from out of town?

3. Opt to get lunch outside the stadium, rather than waiting to buy food from the vendors inside. There were plenty of hot dog, tacos and burger stalls outside the stadium, so we grabbed 2 hot dogs for $6 and took in the high energy pre-game atmosphere (which was already in full swing about an hour and a half before kick-off). Too bad you can’t drink beer in public in Seattle, or else I am sure the stalls would be selling that for cheap too! We still had to pay for over priced Budweiser inside CenturyLink…

C’mon Washington, you did just legalize marijuana for recreational use… I think its time you legalize the drinking of alcohol in public places 🙂 


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