Home trend I love: a collection of white ceramic vases

I find myself nesting a lot lately… reorganizing, de-cluttering and making the most of the small space we call home. Andrew and I are at that point in our relationship where we are slowly starting to get rid of a lot of the hand me down housewares from family and now buying decor items and furniture that express our style.

To get some inspiration, I’ve made blogs like design*sponge and apartment therapy regulars in my daily online browsing. But I have to say I am absolutely in love with West Elm’s catalogue. One finally opened here in Vancouver in my favorite neighborhood: South Granville, and I enjoy just walking around and browsing.

It’s one of those stores you walk into and think: I want my whole house to look like this one day! But I would need to be a ga-zillionaire to achieve that right now, so I decided lets start small first.

All over the West Elm Blog: Front & Main are great pics of small white ceramic vases clumped together on shelves or tables. It’s very modern, clean and funky at the same time.

So I was happy this past weekend when I went to Value Village to get some last minute accessories for my Halloween costume and found these three small vases that now sit perfectly on my book shelf.

What home decor trends are you loving right now?


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