On the subject of… engagement photos

Here’s some teasers from our engagement photo shoot on Sunday with the amazing, wonderful, beautiful, hilarious and talented Richelle Akimow!  Can’t wait to see more soon!

In the days leading up to our shoot I was ridiculously anxious about what to wear– to a point thats embarrassing to admit. Even though I was staring at my closet full of clothes I panicked and thought: I have nothing to wear!

I don’t know where this anxiety came from but I went shopping for a little bit of retail therapy to calm my nerves and find the perfect outfit. I bought things, and then I returned things all in a 4 day turnaround… (my bank must think I am nuts). Until I finally found the perfect casual but dressy sweater to wear with my skinny jeans and brown riding boots: a beautiful discounted Michael Kors white cowl neck sweater from Winner’s. I put it on and felt like a million bucks! Which is what you want to feel like when you’re posing in front of a camera.

I tried to hide my anxiety from Andrew because I thought he would just think I was being silly– especially when he photographs me all the time for the blog.

But about an hour before the shoot, Andrew is the one who starts to wig out a little. Turns out he was anxious too.

He modeled three different possible outfits for me (and here I thought girls were the only ones who did this!), ironed his shirt… again, after I already ironed it for him, and then after all that he stood in the bathroom with his electrical shaver, debating the level of scruff that his face should have for the photos.

Just when I thought we were about to leave, he then stood in front of me and asked if he should wear his glasses or not. Glasses or no glasses? Glasses? No glasses? Each time putting them on and taking them off for me to see the difference. I tried to assure him it doesn’t matter to me. So he finally decided (making sure I agreed) that no glasses were best.

With 2 minutes to spare, I asked him: Are you ready to go now? Silence. Waiting to reply, he went to the kitchen, took out the bottle of Dissarono, poured a shot for himself and downed it in one big gulp.

Ok, he said. Ready.

What a man.


8 thoughts on “On the subject of… engagement photos

  1. These are gorgeous shots!!! Both of you look great – and I’m probably going to search the internet for that sweater…just saying 😉

  2. hehe! You both look lovely – These shots are awesome! Can’t wait to see the rest, I wish I had an engagement shoot, I think I’ll persuade the husband to have one to celebrate our anniversary. Thanks for sharing, xo

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