Have you had the Green Eggs and Ham… at Jam?

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but I was sick with strep throat 2 weeks ago, and last week I feel like I was just playing catch up with work, play and life in general. But now I am back and feeling better than ever and can’t wait to share with you the newest breakfast place I discovered while Andrew and I were in Victoria on Vancouver Island earlier this month.

Without further ado, I give you Jam

Pictured above: Jam’s famous Green Eggs and Ham

As I said, Andrew and I visited Victoria (our former hood) earlier this month over the Thanksgiving weekend before heading up Vancouver Island to the Comox Valley to spend the holiday with family.

It’s always great returning a place where you once lived, because there is comfort in finding things so familiar. Catching up with old friends like Sara and Emily (pictured left to right above) and walking the streets I know like the back of my hand is so relaxing. Andrew and I lived in Victoria for 6 years before moving to the big city and every time we return, we smile and wonder would it would be like to move back here one day.

Of course once you leave any place certain things do change… like the new breakfast place Jam that moved in as we moved out. Jam is in an up and coming part of downtown Victoria (at Herald St. and Government St.)and its quiet location off busy streets is serene. Plus as you can see, the interior design is playful and fun… lending itself to that rustic chic cafe look that is very much in line with the casual West Coast lifestyle.

As we looked at the menu, I resisted the urge to go with my usual Sunday brunch choice: an Eggs Benny, and instead decided to try the “Green Eggs & Ham.” And I was not dissapointed. My only regret is I couldn’t finish it, the serving was so huge! I wish you could take eggs in a doggy bag home without being judged by the waitress… but I didn’t take the risk.


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