Clothes I am craving this Fall

It’s first week of October which has got me thinking, where did September go? It’s hard to believe its been a month since I completed my second 30 for 30 challenge and during my recap blog post I blogged about some new initiatives I was taking to keep myself in check and not let my bad shopping habit get out of hand.

Among my three resolutions I vowed to keep a monthly clothing budget which has been for the most part very successful. I had a number in mind that I couldn’t go over and it gave myself a limitation. No more was I saying “I’ll pay myself back next month…” or making up other ridiculous excuses… Once I bought a clothing item, I wrote it down in a journal so I always knew where I was at, and stuck to it. So let’s hope I can keep that up this month.

Another resolution of mine was to continue to work with the closet I have (not the imaginary one in my mind). One way I did this was by writing down all the work/weekday outfits I would wear in September. I wrote down my outfits and I checked them off as I wore them and it helped me to realize what I already knew: that I have plenty of clothes in my closet that I can make into outfits I enjoy (not to mention it made it easier to get dressed in the morning knowing what I was going to wear ahead of time), but writing down a month’s worth of daily outfits isn’t realistic going forward. Plus, depending on the weather or my mood, I changed my mind constantly; rewriting my “outfit” lists over and over again which I found surprisingly time consuming. And to be really honest it didn’t stop me from buying any new clothes (which is what I was hoping this little exercise would do).

It’s all a work in progress, I guess. One thing I am taking away from all of this is how to define my personal style (which is changing as I get older) and add pieces to my closet that not only allow me to express me, but items that also make sense for my casual-creative-city lifestyle (yes that’s what I am calling it).

With at said here are the items on my wish-list for this coming October and November:

1) Burgundy Jeans or Cords, 2) Matt & Nat: The Malone Bag – the perfect carry all, 3) The perfect Chambray shirt that doesn’t make me feel like a cowboy (harder than it seems to find!) 4) A great black blazer – because I still don’t have one! 5) Leopard print scarf (and I wouldn’t mind finding a skinny leopard print skinny belt either!)

What’s on your wish-list this Fall?


10 thoughts on “Clothes I am craving this Fall

  1. Like the burgandy colour. Everyone needs a black blazer, black cocktail dress, black dress shoes… sorry Andrew. 🙂

  2. i love that we have similar taste because when you find something you like, i like it too…. you do all the work! lol and by the way, i totally looked at a leopard scarf the other day….. haven’t purchased it yet, but still very high on my list!

  3. I love all of these!! They are great staples that you can wear over and over again – in many different ways (totally worth investing in). I was surprised at how much I wear my skinny leopard belt and leopard scarf. I found my chambray shirt at H&M (my fav place to shop) – I seriously wear it as soon as I wash it.

    I also really like the idea of writing down outfit-ideas in advance. I’m always running late in the mornings, but find myself wasting time standing in front of my overly packed closet in panic mode thinking ‘I have nothing to wear!’. Having some pre-planned outfits to turn to would be really nice.

    As always, thanks for the tips! 🙂

    • Thank for reading! I haven’t been to H&M in awhile but need to get out there… see if I can find a loose fitting chambray shirt. I tried one at American Eagle last month and it was to tight fitting…

  4. tia has a really cute leopard scarf, similar to the one in the photo. i think it’s from h&m but i’ll ask her. and p.s.- it’s ok to feel like a cowboy sometimes 🙂

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