Date Night: Hastings Racecourse

More like a “Date Day,” but either way it was just us two, trying out something new in Vancouver together! A couple weekends ago Andrew and I decided to spend the day at the 67th BC Derby at Hastings Racecourse and we dressed to look the part!

We might have looked like a million bucks but I think we only brought $20 with us to the Derby. Entry was free… perogies were $8… a Coke was $2 I believe… which left $10 for some high stakes bettin’!

On the first race we picked horses based on their reputation. Andrew put (wait for it…) a whole $2 on the horse expected to win the whole Derby. And I put $2 on the horse expected to take third place…you know… because I like to root for the underdog. We held our breath as we watched the horses zoom around the track, cheering loudly and thinking of that famous scene in My Fair Lady where Audrey Hepburn spews profanity at a high society Racecourse and makes a proper British woman faint! The race finished and then… nothing. We won nothing. Niether of our horses finished first or even placed.

It took 30 minutes for the next race to begin. We bet again… based on the horse’s odds of winning and the second race took place. We held our breath as the horses crossed the finish line… but again nothing. We had lost again! So we placed our bets again and waited another 30 minutes until the third race began. Then the horses raced. Nothing.

Frustrated, I decided to change my strategy. I decided to bet on the winning horse based on the horse’s name and not on how it was projected to finish. Andrew adopted the same strategy. I picked a horse named Exotic Light. Andrew picked the Naughty Librarian. And believe it or not, it worked! Good ole’ Exotic Light pulled through and placed third. I won! I finally picked the right horse. We were both so excited. It was as if we had won the lottery.

So I happily went to claim my winnings: 60 cents. That’s it. I bet $2 and got 60 cents. But you know what? It was the best 60 cents of my life.


8 thoughts on “Date Night: Hastings Racecourse

  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast! I’m totally loving your outfit – that hat is perfect for the races and the blazer/dress/tights combo is adorable. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s cool, having fun instead of getting drunk and wasting way too much money. By the way, what is that you’re eating, it looks fab. Take into consideration I am Australian so just the name probably won’t suffice, great outfits, you both looked the part. πŸ™‚

  3. Warning: Betting is a disease! Ha! Good thing you guys didn’t bet like the Texans! Go big or go home! You guys looked fab.

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