Shopping after 30×30

Since completing my second 30×30 challenge this past August with Holly, many of you have asked me what I’ve bought since the challenge has ended? Well here they are!

1) This super luxe polka dot scarf on sale from Jcrew (Holly got the same one!). 2) These black ankle boots that I wear everywhere, everyday and are super comfy from Urban Outfitters! 3) Cupcakes and Cashmere book named after the blog: Cupcakes and Cashmere by famous blogger Emily Schuman. She’s like a young and hip Martha Stewart. And 4) BB Cream! I don’t wear a ton of make up, so I was very intrigued by a make up claiming to do 5 jobs in one. So far I am impressed. It’s lightweight and idiot proof to apply. yay!

By the way if you’re wondering how I created such a lovely little photo collage, I used PicMonkey for the first time! And it’s amazing! Thanks to Holly for recommending it to me. Yup, she’s awesome like that… try it for yourself. It’s free!


6 thoughts on “Shopping after 30×30

  1. A polka-dot scarf is high on my shopping list for fall!! I love the colors of this one- and you can’t go wrong with j crew. You just can’t.

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