The Vancouver SeaWheeze Half-Marathon: That feeling of accomplishment

pictured above: my friend mika and I at the end of the race

my poor injured calves!

I did it! I conquered my first half marathon back on August 11th: The Vancouver SeaWheeze… or lululemon’s first half marathon in the city.

So why did I take so long to blog about it? To be honest I think it was hard for me to admit it was over. I trained for this race all summer. I still have the training schedule on my fridge with my tick marks all over it and can’t bring myself to take it down. This race totally consumed my thoughts… in a good way. I made working out and eating healthy a priority, something I hadn’t done since University. But more than that, it felt so good to work towards something bigger than myself. And taking it step by step I set out to accomplish this race on my standards.

At the end of the race (which by the way, was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!) there was no one telling me I should have run faster because I didn’t make my goal time… there was no one criticizing my running outfit… or telling me I ran that wrong! There was only my mother in law cheering loudly and ready to give me a big hug and tell me how amazing I am.

That feeling of accomplishment and the celebration of that accomplishment too often gets lost in the day to day grind. There are the to-do lists that just don’t end… ever! There are the thankless tasks we do everyday. I know there are countless times Andrew and I come home from a long day at work and just feel drained.

But unless you have a trust fund… you, like me, can’t escape the “9-5” and other daily responsibilities (although, trust me there are days I wish I could!). But I think there are ways to add things to into my life that could give me my own feeling of accomplishment.

Like setting up smaller personal goals for myself to complete. Just me. Nothing to do with the career train necessarily or Andrew (sorry, honey) or anyone else, just me. So I’ve decided I will be signing up for another half marathon. In fact I think I’ll do the SeaWheeze lululemon half marathon again. They’ve already announced next year’s race date: August 10th, 2013.

Completing my first half marathon made me feel like I could do anything! Not to mention the festivities after the race made me feel like a rockstar!

After the run, there was brunch catered by barefoot bistro (blueberry waffles, fruit and more!), a free concert featuring the band fun. and free sunset yoga on Kits beach. So… c’mon. Who’s doing it with me next year? Oh ya… and we got free lululemon yoga mats. Did you know those things retail for $68?!!

pictured above: shelley (my mother in law) and I yoga-ing!

pictured above: holly (check out her blog here) and I yoga-ing!

How do you find that feeling of accomplishment?


3 thoughts on “The Vancouver SeaWheeze Half-Marathon: That feeling of accomplishment

  1. Way to go!!! SO awesome – wasn’t the YOGA amazing!?!? My sister and I were like WE GET TO KEEP THESE MATS??!?!? ha ha – they probably looked at us like, yeah so?
    I already have the dates in my calendar for next year, and I cant wait!

  2. Good on you! You look so happy afterwards, and love those funky spotted shorts! I did an 8k run in May and although I have a lot of work to (had some issues since then that were hard to overcome, still getting there) I am ready to do it all again next year, and beat my time. But only coz I’m just a little competitive, lol. Plus, it’s a great fundraiser. I look forward to hearing more running adventures. 🙂

  3. Congrats!! That is a huge accomplishment. My sister ran a half marathon back in February, and seeing her commitment to training was so inspiring – and celebrating with brunch after the race was super fun. 😉

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