On the subject of: Kitchen Cupboards

We all have our bad habits that drive our spouses nuts. For example, I never turn off lights when I leave a room. I also have a compulsory need to tidy.

But Andrew… never closes the the kitchen cupboards or drawers… ever. He just leaves them open as he goes through the kitchen finding what he needs. Opening things, but never closing. He also has a bad habit of leaving empty ice trays on the counter instead of refilling them with water and replacing them into the freezer, but that’s a story for another day…

Normally I just follow behind him closing the cupboards he leaves open, but I decided this has to stop. Out of the blue, I asked him why he never closed the kitchen cabinets when he was done taking a glass out of the cupboard or closed the drawer after grabbing a fork?

He looked at me as if he never really noticed he had been doing it. So one day I caught him in the act and I said A-HA! There!

He looked down at the open drawer where the silverware is kept and then over at the open cupboard full of glasses to his left and shrugged and admitted he never really thought much of it. And seemed to wonder why it bothered me? So I defended myself: Well, I think it makes things look unkept. It just makes our kitchen look cleaner, neater, when the drawers and doors are closed. After all that’s what they are there for, right?

“Well I don’t think it looks cleaner, it just looks like a kitchen that’s in use…” he said smugly… seeming rather pleased with his answer.

I didn’t like it. But marriage is about compromise… so I then suggested, Well, if you don’t think you can remember to close the cupboards maybe we should just have one of those trendy kitchens where we take all the kitchen cabinet doors completely off, so the dishes are all exposed.

I had actually saw this trend in a Home and Design magazine and thought it was cool.

But to my surprise, he said no. His reasoning? “because that would just look messy…”

face. palm.


7 thoughts on “On the subject of: Kitchen Cupboards

  1. Haha, this is one of those things you learn when you get married or live with a partner. We have the same stuff- things I just DO NOT understand! I also think boys just leave a trail of messiness behind them, like Pigpen in the Peanuts cartoons. Or maybe like the Tazmanian Devil cartoon… !

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