30 for 30 recap: Summer Edition

Looking at all the outfits brings two thoughts to mind:

First, it’s kind of cool to see a gallery of your “outfits” all together like this. It’s kind of like an a-ha moment of “oh, so that’s what I look like everyday…”

And secondly, I think…Holy crap, that’s a month worth of outfits! From only 30 pieces in MY closet.

30 pieces of clothing are a lot in retrospect. And I think if I had wanted to make this challenge harder, I could have. Like including shoes and accessories as a part of my 30. But I don’t think that was the point. At least not for me. I think the point was learning that I DO have something to wear. And that BUYING SOMETHING NEW every time I feel like I don’t have anything to wear is just silly. It’s learning to make do with what I have and stop thinking I need something else to make my closet complete. Trust me, if you have as many clothes as I do, you’re pretty much set.

With that said, I am not a completely reformed woman. There are things I still want to buy this Fall… but there are few things I am keeping in mind as I head into the Fall shopping season.

1. Continue to utilize what I already have in my closet. I’ve decided I am going to do this by… (and don’t laugh)… writing down all the outfits I plan to wear  this September (at least on the weekdays) out on a piece of paper.  That’s 20 outfits I already have in my closet today that I am going to pre-plan to wear this month.  The list won’t be set in stone, but I think it might help me resist the urge to buy a new blouse, skirt or pair of pants if I already know I have something to wear. I’ll let you know if it works!

2.  Set a monthly clothing budget. Believe it or not I’ve never done this before. Mostly because I think in the past I’ve been in denial about how much I actually enjoy spending on clothing. The blogger from J’s Everyday Fashion has a great post about this (click here to read it). She sets a clothing budget for herself every month and doesn’t go over it (so she claims). At the end of the month she is out of the red, doesn’t feel guilty about her purchases and has clothes she actually loves, not impulse buys. Now her clothing budget is substantially more than mine will be, but I think its important to pick a number that’s reasonable for you personally and of course works with your financial situation.

3. Do your research… look at clothes in magazines and online.  I have been going back and forth about this but I think ultimately it helps more than it hurts. I have noted that picking up fashion magazines and looking through them often encourages me to buy more things than I actually need, but at the same time looking through them as well as viewing pictures online also makes me realize the trends I would like to try and trends I hate. The bottom line is… I know I am going to be buying those magazines anyway because I enjoy them very very much, so might as well treat it like research (although now this sounds like more of a justification of a previous habit rather than something new I am keeping in mind as I head to the mall). Either way, I believe its important to figure out what you really want. And then go try and find it for the price you are comfortable with.

For example I know now after flipping through the latest edition of People Style Watch that me and peplums? Never going to happen. However the black leather trend this fall? I think I like it. Although for me it will mostly likely be faux leather.

Do you have any tips for sticking to a clothing budget this fall? Let me know!


5 thoughts on “30 for 30 recap: Summer Edition

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  2. This is great! I have been trying (and succeeding) at wearing a different outfit every day, since July 31. I may repeat a few items, but the fact that I am STILL able to choose something new is bordering on ridiculous. Another new habit I’ve picked up is donating a piece of clothing for every new thing I buy :)Cheers!

    • Wow that so cool! Yes its surprisingly easy to wear a different outfit everyday with what I like to call a normal size closet full of clothes. Donating a peice of clothing everytime you buy something new is a great idea! Do you find you’re more likely to buy more quality investment pieces that way because you have to get rid of something? Or do you find you shop less? So curious!

      • I admit I have a gross clothing addiction, but in my defense, I never buy full price and shop mostly thrift and catchall stores (think Ross/Gabe’s/TJMaxx/Marshall’s). The donating drill definitely helps curb my spending, makes me weigh more heavily my need or want for the item in hand. Sometimes, though, I find myself looking for something old/outdated to use as the trade haha. I still shop a lot, I just usually leave with less now 🙂 I also have instated strict criteria for what and when I buy.

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