day 24: hurry! quick! pose!

Shirt: Joe Fresh, Skirt: Gap, Necklace: Anthropologie, Glasses: Derek Cardigan from

Click here to see Holly’s Day 24 outfit here!

It’s always funny trying to find new backdrops for all these picture taking excursions. This one I found with my friend Tylor while walking around the neighborhood. It’s actually someone’s shed in a backyard… and I felt a little nervous about stumbling onto someone else’s property without permission (that’s my good ole’ honest Midwestern values)… but Tylor convinced me it was ok. So he quickly snapped a few shots of me before I ran off, fearing for my life… or at least the fear of just a stern talking to.

Tylor is staying with Andrew and I for a few days (I am telling you, the guests just don’t stop at the Ash and Andrew household) before he heads off to Germany for a whole year! He’s teaching overseas for the second time and although we know he’s going to have an amazing time, we will miss him a lot!

Follow him as he travels all over Europe through his blog: Tylor in Trier.


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