day 18: just one of those weeks…

Blouse: Plenty, Cardigan: J.Crew, Jeans: Pilcro from Anthropologie, Sandals: Target

Click here to see Holly’s 30 for 30 challenge outfits! I love her Day 17 outfit–great way to change up the look of your lbd!

It’s been a tough week… I’ve been in a cranky mood. I sprained my ankle over my half marathon/yoga weekend a couple weeks back, so I can’t work out at the moment. I got my first parking ticket (ever!) yesterday. I have been very unproductive lately; all the little errands I usually take pleasure in completing off my to do list I have no energy to do them… which just makes me anxious because I feel like I am getting nothing done. Plus, Andrew is away this week and I miss him terribly.

On top of that this lovely floral blouse I’ve come to realize doesn’t fit me properly. Every time I walk it slowly shifts so that my bra becomes exposed after just a few steps. It seems I don’t have large enough boobs to keep the blouse in place. Which is really a downer because while I don’t want larger boobs (mine are just fine), this blouse is apart of my 30 pieces of clothing! 12 more days until I can swap this blouse out for another one in my closet.

As for my bad mood and bad couple of days? Well I hope that passes in less than 12 days… so far I’ve tried several things to remedy this mood. I’ve indulged myself with a glass (or 2) red wine, I’ve taken a hot bath, I’ve gone for a walk, I’ve cleaned (believe it or not cleaning usually makes me feel better), napped but nothing has worked.

Finally I came to the conclusion that I need to look inside myself and ask what’s really making me unhappy this week … and accept that material things, food or other comforts aren’t going to work until I change my frame of mind. While I was thinking this I decided I would try just one more indulgence to make myself feel better. So I had a haagen daz ice cream bar (that I bought at Safeway while on my walk)… and I instantly felt better. Ā I guess I’ll save changing my frame of mind for another day.

I really am a simple soul. lol


7 thoughts on “day 18: just one of those weeks…

  1. What is it about this week? For me it’s the first full week of school (teaching 1st grade instead of 3rd) and I was already home sick with a fever Monday and have had to get antibiotic injections every day since then…..and the injections are making me nauseous. oh and miguel is working the night shift :/ next week will be better for you and me i’m sure!

  2. I’m having a total ‘bleh’ week too! I can’t get up the energy to do all the MANY things I want to around the house…especially since, with a two year old, many of the things I do get undone so rapidly! But tomorrow I get several hours in the house with NO KIDS just to CLEAN!! So, YAY! Hopefully that will get me out of my funk…but Haagen Daz is also a weakness of mine. It may just be in order for tomorrow night to close out the week properly. šŸ™‚

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