day 15: a day at the fair

Shirt: Plenty, Jeans: Bedo, Jean Jacket: American Eagle, Shoes: Converse

Sunday, funday. We went to the famous PNE here in Vancouver to ride rides, eat mini donuts and visit the Star Trek exhibition. I know I may not seem like a trekky, but I do enjoy me some star trek: next generation from time to time.

This past week has been crazy! Andrew and I have had visitors non stop… our apartment has felt more like a hotel than home with Andrew and I playing the housekeepers. I love playing host, but all the guests have left me feeling pretty tired. Not to mention I feel I have had little time or energy for blogging… which have left some of my posts short and sweet. Like this one!

But good news: We are halfway done with our 30 for 30 challenge! Only 15 more days to go for Holly and I…


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