day 12: sneakers are a girl’s best friend

Shirt: Joe Fresh, Dress: H&M, Sneakers: Converse

Nothing like wearing sneakers with a dress… there’s something oddly innocent and urban about this look.

Click here to see Holly’s daily outfits! She’s my friend and blogger who’s doing the 30 for 30 challenge with me!

So lately Holly and I have been thinking a lot about Fall Fashion–which I wonder: is that counter productive to this challenge? Maybe, maybe not. It’s hard when every single magazine on the shelves and every single picture on pinterest features photos of chunky scarves, riding boots and slouchy sweaters! My will power is waining… so I turn to list making.

I admit it (even if this sounds like I am a crazy type A person): I have made so many lists about the clothes I will buy when this challenge is over. My lists just don’t involved clothing items I lust after, they involve the prices and perhaps the different stores I could go to to find these items. Could this be addiction withdrawal?

Either way, its slightly obsessive… I keep telling myself if I am prepared with a list and a budget for fall shopping I won’t go overboard and buy everything under the sun when I am allowed to purchase things again. But my past has proven that this isn’t true. Even with a list… I still end up buying everything on that list and then some.

The more I think about shopping (no matter how budget conscious and forward thinking I try to be) the more I end up shopping. I just can’t catch a break… So how does one stop thinking about shopping? Any answers? I am open to advice.

Andrew doesn’t get it (…men….), but I bet some of you do!!!



5 thoughts on “day 12: sneakers are a girl’s best friend

  1. Ash, to be honest, I don’t get it either. Now, I would understand if you obsessed about the @#$% salmon we didn’t catch last week, or the 5 10 climb I couldn’t finish leading, or how I will beat John at tennis… Maybe I am part man???

  2. haha I NEVER stop thinking about shopping – especially when all the great Fall stuff comes out!

    ps I’m totally loving the sneakers with the dress – adorable!

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