day 6: my first shopping temptation

Still haven’t found the charger for my camera…. sad face… guess an iphone will have to do for now!

Shirt: House of White and Black, Jeans: Pilcro from Anthropologie

Click here to see Holly’s daily outfits! She’s doing the challenge too!

You heard me right… my first shopping temptation since I started the 30 for 30 challenge and its only day 6!!! I’ve got issues lol.

See, here’s the thing: I am running in my first ever half marathon tomorrow here in Vancouver: The SeaWheese Half Marathon organized by yoga power house Lululemon. Lululemon was founded and has its headquarters here in Vancouver.  And it seems they are making their first half marathon the biggest and best half marathon the city has ever seen… which includes, free brunch for runners, free concerts and free yoga! And in addition, they released limited edition special SeaWheeze Lululemon apparel that will be on sale this weekend and this weekend only. And of course its the most beautiful yoga clothes you have ever seen…

I told myself two things: one, I wouldn’t buy any of it because one I don’t NEED it, I just WANT it, and two, I have committed to this 30 for 30 challenge and promised myself I wouldn’t shop for 30 days.

But when I went to pick up my race package today at the Vancouver Convention Centre, the pop up store carrying this limited edition apparel was set up right next to registration. How convenient.

So I went and looked around, instagramed a few photos, and then actually found myself picking up a shirt here, a running tank there and before you know it I was in line waiting to try my new found items on!

It was then by chance Holly text messaged me about totally something unrelated to shopping. I replied and admitted to her that I was super tempted to buy something and her exact words were “Stay Strong.” Seeing those words on my phone made me realize how ridiculous I was being. Translation: I can still enjoy my first half marathon without buying a few new tops, even if there are limited edition lululemon tops.

My next thought is, I hope they have this half marathon again next year and then I’ll make sure not to take on a 30 for 30 challenge again so I can buy it all! muah ha ha ha. Ok… just kidding. But maybe  I could buy one thing.


8 thoughts on “day 6: my first shopping temptation

    • I love this shirt too! My mom bought it for me, but she got it from the House of White and Black… a store in the states I normally don’t go in because its catered to an older demographic, but I might have to go into it from now on!

  1. us girls gotta stick together!!! way to pull through the temptation!!

    p.s. perhaps we’ll go trolling on ebay in about 22 days 😉 mama wants her some swag

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