day 3: mint and pink

I just realized this whole outfit is from Anthropologie! I should get a gift card for this… 🙂 Except the sandals, they are from Target

Click here to see what Holly’s day 3 outfit looks like!

What do ya know? Mint photographs as white… but I promise this shirt is that gorgeous minty color that is everywhere this season. By the way I find it funny that Holly and I both wore mint shirts today without coordinating our outfits!

As a 30 for 30 veteran, I tried not to pick the same articles of clothing I picked the first time I did my 30 for 30 challenge back in November 2011, but I couldn’t help but including these pink denim pants by Pilcro again. These pants have proven to be a wardrobe staple season after season. If you would have told me a year ago that a pair of pink denim would be one of my go to pants to wear, I would have told you, you were cray cray. But I swear, these jeans go with everything!

And that tip doesn’t just go for the ladies, I have seen guys rock pink pants, or shorts as well! But if you ask them they don’t call it pink… they’ll call it salmon or coral. I don’t think Andrew would ever wear pink pants or shorts… no matter what color you called them. For a guy who doesn’t seem to care much about clothing or fashion, he sure is picky!

Are you in love with pink denim or any colored denim this season as much as I am?

Thanks to Laura for taking these photos for me on our lunch break and spotting these beautiful hydrangeas!


4 thoughts on “day 3: mint and pink

  1. At this precise moment I am wearing bright pink jeans, white t-shirt and grey leather jacket. I love the bright jean trend at the moment, also have a pair of cobalt blue and Kermit the frog green! Hehe, lovely outfit! x

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