Be careful what you wish for

There’s one thing I’ve learned about my new husband, and that’s that he hates to throw things away. First there was the sauce pot. The sauce pot with the handle that had broken off and as a result you couldn’t cook anything in it without oven mitts and even then it seemed pointless when we had plenty of other pots to use. That took him about a year to throw out.

Then there were the two hand me down bikes rusting outside our front door. The bikes that he swore he would fix… and then when he didn’t fix them, he promised he would recycle them for parts, but again didn’t. I suggested we take them to the dump months ago but he refused. I gave up trying to pressure him to get rid of them. Finally (3 months later) he said we should get rid of them. So I called 1-800-GOT-JUNK to pick them up and they were taken away the next day.

Most recently it was an IKEA dresser. We had a couple of mismatching dressers from IKEA in our bedroom. One was a white MALM dresser, the other one was a white ANEBODA dresser. Well it was the ANEBODA one that needed replacing because it started to collapse. Several months ago I suggested we get a new dresser, a MALM one to match the other MALM dresser we currently had. But Andrew didn’t want to buy a new one if the one ANEBODA dresser worked just fine. Even when the ANEBODA dresser drawers started to fall apart (literally) he denied we needed a new dresser and simply began to tape, glue and hammer it back together. Which worked for a few weeks and then the dresser began to collapse further.

It got to a point where his clothes were spewing out onto the bedroom floor because the front of the dresser drawer had just broken off to the point of no repair.

It pained me to look at the mess! I am sure by now you can guess that unlike my husband, I am someone who is very good about throwing stuff away. Out with the old and in with the new! But I knew until Andrew made up his mind to buy a new dresser, my persuasion would fall on deaf ears.

So finally the day came where he decided, OK, let’s go buy a dresser. My heart jumped with joy! My wish had come true! I had already picked out the replacement dresser I wanted at IKEA. It’s all apart of my master plan to revamp our bedroom so it looks more like an image straight from HGTV. As I said earlier, we already had a white MALM dresser. We actually got it for free from a friend who was moving. So I knew I wanted another white MALM dresser–same color, same height–to put flush against the other one so it would look nice and neat in our bedroom.

So we wasted a Saturday making the trip to IKEA and that night putting together this massive 6 drawer dresser, only to find when we finally assembled it and put it in the bedroom that it does NOT match the color of the other “white” hand me down IKEA dresser we had!

OK… so the difference is subtle (one is ivory and one is white white!), but its still there and I knew then and there that it’s going to drive me crazy.

I look at Andrew nervously and he looks at me and I know immediately what he will say before he even says it.

“It’s fine, we’re not getting another one when these work perfectly fine.”

My lesson learned? Be careful what you wish for.


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