Remembering Christmas in July… our engagement story

Oh summer… how the weeks are long and yet the time seems to fly by… and with it, any time management on my part to write down all the blog posts that are in my head and yet fail to appear online (c’mon scientists, haven’t we figured out how to do this yet?)

These past couple weeks my head has been consumed with wedding plans. Caterers, florists, bakers, dresses, bridesmaids dresses, rentals… you name it, I’ve either booked it, researched it, or thought about it recently. And now its starting to drive me a little nuts. When I feel a little nuts, its nice to be reminded about how all this wedding stuff got started.

Andrew proposed on December 23rd, 2011. But long before that day Andrew and I knew we wanted to marry each other. We had talked about it and he and I had gone ring shopping together. I even knew (although I don’t think he knew that I knew) he was texting my sister, Amanda, with questions about a proper engagement ring. So I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know when.

Back in December 2011 I was still working 2 part time jobs and one those part time jobs was a retail job at Anthropologie. I got off work that night at 9pm after working a very busy Christmas shift. If any of you have ever worked retail during the holidays then you know how crazy it can get. After a long 8 hour shift on the cash register, dealing with demanding customers, running out of tissue paper and stressed out co-workers, we closed the store and I began to make my way home. Normally I would head up to the bus stop to catch the number 99, but tonight I was tired, so I called Andrew to pick me up.

So I asked in my cutest Ashly voice if he would come and pick me up from the store and to my dismay he just said no. A little annoyed, I asked why and he said he was making dinner. Pfffft.  I made what I thought was a reasonable suggestion and told him to put the pot on low and come get me…. or turn the stove off for a minute and come get me. He said no. No explanation, just no. I started to pout. He still said no. I started to whine…. Nope. Still no. Fine! So I just caught a bus. What is his deal? I thought. Why is he acting so weird?

So I took the bus home and walked to the front door of our apartment ready to give Andrew a piece of my mind, until I opened the door… to find the whole apartment lit with candles and a chair in the doorway with a large present on it wrapped in pretty gold paper. Andrew was nowhere to be found (there was no dinner on the stove either)… and I thought… hmmm this scene looks familiar.

Have you ever seen the movie Serendipity? Well you know how Kate Beckinsale’s first boyfriend (not John Cusack, but the guy who plays Aiden in Sex and the City?) proposes to her? It’s with a large present, with a smaller wrapped present inside, and then a smaller present, then a smaller one, and a smaller one, until all that’s left after unwrapping a billion boxes is the ring box. But when she opens the ring box it’s empty. Because at that point the man steps out from behind his hiding spot and get’s down on one knee, presents the ring and simply says, “you have to say yes first.”  (It’s a very cute movie if you haven’t seen it!)

Well, that’s how Andrew proposed to me. It’s a movie we saw in high school together and he told me once when we were 15 if he ever did propose to me, that’s how he would do it… and he did. And to think, I almost ruined it.


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