Flower Power: Bridal Bouquets I love

Here are some of the bouquets I love right now pinned from pinterest! I am drawn to bouquets with texture! Combining unique flowers and greens as opposed to just having a traditional bouquet of roses is right up my bridal alley. I met with a florist today: Sarah from Fresh View Events (www.freshviewevents.com) in Victoria, BC and even though I didn’t commit to anything quite yet, she passed along some good floral advice:

a) Know your overall budget for flowers and stick to it! Get the florist to work within your budget. When you are wishy washy, that’s when vendors can sell you on other ideas… maybe even more expensive ones… Don’t be afraid to set limits.

b) Be open to different flowers. Roses and peonies may be classic wedding flowers but they are sometimes more expensive. Pick flowers in season, allow the florist to make some budget friendly suggestions.

c) Keep pinning (yay, an excuse to use pinterest)! Send images of bouquets you like to your florist. She or he will be able to tell you whether or not its doable within your budget or out of the question. That way you can get a realistic idea of what you can afford!

d) Ask the florist if they have any vases or other decorative elements, like table runners, that they can use for free when putting together centerpieces… Vendors may not have to charge you if they already have these items left over from other weddings.

I never thought of myself as a floral enthusiast but thanks to Sarah at Fresh View Events, I am starting to view flowers differently.


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