Running Update: Finally! I am seeing results

In a world of instant gratification, waiting 6-7 weeks to see real results from my half marathon training efforts feels like forever, but it’s totally worth it.

First off I would just like to point out that my “results” are seen not by what the weight scale says but by how I feel. And I feel great! I honestly don’t know how much I weigh, and I don’t see the point in me knowing. What I do know is I feel comfortable at a certain “dress size” (and no that size is not a 2!) but its the size I’ve been since high-school/university. It’s my fit, healthy and beautiful size! And I feel like I am finally have it again.

Result #1: The aches are starting to subside. I went for a 10km run not too long ago with Andrew and my legs felt so fatigued by the end of it, I was sure I would be so sore the next day. But I wasn’t. I felt great! … Crap! I need to work harder. 10km is only about half of the 21km I’ll have to run later this summer.

Result #2: I can now fit into a few dresses and skirts in my closet that were too tight two months ago. Once again proving getting fit is way cheaper than buying new clothes.

Result #3: I feel the need to run. Where as before I could barely motivate myself to put on my running shoes and get out the door, now it feels weird if I don’t get out and get active. It’s becoming a habit and I’ve been told all habits (good and bad) are hard to break, so I am hoping this running habit is one I can keep!

Result #4: I am buying health & fitness magazines instead Β of fashion magazines. When I had a subscription to Glamour Magazine, I used to always feel the need to go shopping every weekend. I am hoping a subscription to Shape Magazine or Self Magazine will have a similar effect! Not to mention allow me to have a better relationship with my bank account.

Result #5: Not to toot my own horn, but my butt looks great πŸ™‚ Andrew thinks so too.

About 6 weeks to go until my first half marathon! The longest distance I’ve run so far is 10km but my goal is to run 16km before race day…

When I first posted a post about my decision to sign up for my first half-marathon, I got a lot of great feedback and lots of stories of others who are also training for runs or just trynig to make a habit of working out more. So I have to ask, are any of you seeing results yet from your running efforts?


8 thoughts on “Running Update: Finally! I am seeing results

  1. You look fantastic, and I can totally understand the feeling better and needing to get out and run. I did an 8k fun run with only 5 weeks of training (my result was everything I wanted) but since then I’ve had a few health issues which caused me to not get out. I’m back on the treadmill and will be out running the road once I feel a little fitter. I am loving the feeling I get after my run. And you’re right, it is way cheaper than buying more clothes! I just have to curb my appetite, I eat like a horse! Look forward to your next update πŸ™‚

  2. Looking good Ashly! I must say you look great in workout gear. πŸ˜‰ When I go jogging, I tend to get some looks because I refuse to jog without my basketball gear (i.e. practice jersey and shorts) with my nifty running shoes. Anyway, I have completed the same distance as you – although probably not as efficiently – and I am going to keep on truckin’ this summer. I cannot wait to hear more about your training!

  3. I took about a year off from consistent cardio exercise and I agree. When you start seeing results it is so motivating! I just got a subscription to Fitness magazine and it does help me stay focused on my goals, so that’s a great idea. Excited to hear your doing a half-marathon, that’s amazing!

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