Andrew’s a Tough Mudder: Whistler, BC

Here are my photos from Andrew’s Tough Mudder race in Whistler a couple weekends ago. For those who don’t know this challenge is probably one of the most insane on earth!! OK, maybe the running with the bulls in Spain tops this… but I would guess this comes close. It’s 16km (that’s 10 miles for my fellow Americans) of hellish obstacles; the boys (Andrew, Andrew’s dad John, and friends Phil and James) crawled through the mud, swam in a glacier lake and were electrocuted twice!

Call them crazy… (I know I did) but it’s pretty cool to say that they did it.

Still smiles… after being submerged in ice cold water and crawling through mudd… what good sports.

And finally the monkey bars… for which was Andrew’s crowning glory. If you missed it, I posted a video of Andrew completing this obstacle earlier here.

Below is my favorite sequence of pictures: This is the last obstacle of the day… running through these hanging electrically charged wires. The boys upon seeing the finish line decide to wrap arms around each other and finish strong as a team… they don’t feel the electrocution until after they finish (in the 3rd photo below).

Great job Andrew! So proud of you! And for those of you who are wondering how I felt about the mohawk he shaved on his head for the race… don’t worry I made him get rid of it on Monday… not before he proudly wore it to work for a full day.

To see some video clips of the boys completing the race check out my mother-in-law’s blogpost here.

Yup, that’s right… we’re a family of bloggers 🙂


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