A wedding on Pender Island

Over the Canada long weekend Andrew and I traveled to Pender Island, one of the Gulf Islands off the coast to watch our friends’ Alyssa and Eric tie the knot.

The celebration was outdoors and luckily the rain held off long enough for the couple to say their I do’s. The ceremony was breathtaking… everything from the bride’s grand entrance through a meadow, to the beautiful piece of wood work her dad made for his daughter and new son-in-law to be married under, to the bridal bouquets Alyssa made herself… it was perfect.

Bearing witness to their wedding just made Andrew and I even more excited that we’re still planning on having a large wedding celebration next year, even though we’re already mr. and mrs.

For a while there I thought maybe we should take the money we’re saving for the wedding and put it towards a down payment or some other inevitable life expense… but I’m a firm believer in the motto, “you only live once…” so might as well do what you want. And Andrew and I both want our big day with family and friends.

But this is what really made my heart melt: At the wedding Andrew kept mentioning details about their wedding he loved like the fact that they had a cute glass box to put cards from guests in… he also loved the name cards on the table…. and he loved the photo album on an entrance table of the featuring gorgeous vacation pictures of the groom and bride…

Then he asked if I had thought about any of these details when it came to our future wedding. I just looked at him, speechless… he clearly hasn’t seen my wedding pinterest board.

While months ago I could swear whenever I talked about wedding stuff I just saw his eyes glaze over… but after this weekend’s nuptials all we talked about was our future wedding day… which was really sweet.


6 thoughts on “A wedding on Pender Island

  1. Lovley photos and such a gorgeous place to be married. Tell me, what’s with the big wedding celebration you talk about. Did you have a civil service and now going to do the ‘whole hog’ …?

    • Ya, we did a civil ceremony (with no family present) to speed up my immigration process lol. I am American and my husband is Canadian. We were engaged when we decided to elope this past February. So we’re now still planning on having a large and more traditional wedding celebration with family and friends next summer… hence the wedding talk although we are engaged lol… confusing I know

  2. Thanks! I love this purple dress too. A few months ago it didn’t zip up believe it or not, but now it does thanks to my training for a half marathon. We are lucky, that our parents and family members are helping cover the cost for a big wedding ceremony next year. We realized quickly that this future wedding day wasn’t just for us, it was mostly for them!

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