That’s my husband!

People often ask me why I call Andrew monkey… Well, this video from his Tough Mudder race should sum it up:

That’s my husband: Tough Mudder, Whistler, BC from Ashly Kissman on Vimeo.

Last Sunday, Andrew, his dad and two buddies Phil and James completed the Tough Mudder course in Whistler, BC. The obstacle course is a challenge fit for a U.S. Marine, with 16k of pure hell in between the start and finish line. It’s something Andrew and the boys have been preparing for for 2 months… and it’s the reason he’s also been my running buddy during my half marathon training sessions.

After nearly 15k of Tough Mudder track, with 1k left to go, the boys had to complete the second to last obstacle in their path: the monkey bars. Although exhausted, he did it! His dad, John did it too! But Phil and James…? Not so lucky… I don’t know if you can hear in the video but I definitely scream, ‘That’s my husband!” at one point… So proud of you Andrew!

Photos and more about the race to come soon!


3 thoughts on “That’s my husband!

  1. So your Mom in law “liked” my blog which led me to your blog, which led me to watch the video of your husband crossing the monkey bars.

    While reading your mother in law’s blog i thought “I can do the Tough Mudder” and then I saw your blog and thought “I can for sure do the Tough Mudder” and then I saw a man fall from the monkey bars while your father in law was making his way across…… and then I realized that although the water only went up to the man’s waist, that means it would go up to my neck.

    Although I was a lifeguard in a past life I don’t know if I could run sopping wet head to toe. So good-o on your husband for finishing.

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