Home-made Thai Chicken Pizza

This recipe features: 1) Tons of ingredients that you will never use again 2) the tastiest peanut sauce you will ever create and 3) the very good chance there will be no leftovers because it’s so yummy everyone will eat it up!

While attending high-school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (yup, Andrew and I met in high school in Malaysia of all places) we used to love going out to California Pizza Kitchen on our dates. Sad thing is, there are no California Pizza Kitchen franchises in Vancouver (maybe none in Canada?) so I set out to re-create one of the restaurant’s famous dishes: The Thai Chicken Pizza. The recipe isn’t hard, but I have to admit the prep time is a bit longer than the 15 minutes it suggests… You can find the recipe here. And not only was the pizza delicious, but it actually tasted just like it was from the restaurant! And for that, I have to thank Andrew.

It may come as so no surprise to most of you that Andrew does most of the cooking in our small family. So while I read the recipe online out loud, he did most of the chopping, cutting and sataying… but he still let me take the credit for the meal.

What a guy… I think I’ll keep him.


9 thoughts on “Home-made Thai Chicken Pizza

  1. that sounds fab! and the recipe is not so bad. although I might halve some of the toppings, except the chicken of course. A must for next pizza night, just a small one for me, as i doubt my boys will go anywhere near it, all the more me I say 🙂

  2. Good. Now I will be expecting you to make it for us when we visit. And no, I am not going to do the cooking, you are! I will be the one drinking the wine 🙂

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