Saving money on groceries

You know you are old when, you get really excited about saving money on groceries….

But just because your old, doesn’t mean you still can’t act like a kid!

Andrew and I have started going to great lengths to shave a few dollars off our grocery bill. Our weekly trip to the grocery store usually has two stops. One at No Frills (a no name discount store), and the other at the Safeway near our house. No matter what we do we still get a bit shocked about the price of certain items. Take toilet paper for example.

Once, we were at the cash register on a routine grocery run and the cashier rang through the toilet paper. I don’t remember how much it cost, but Andrew seemed to think it cost more than it was supposed to. So he cried fowl by exclaiming out loud, isn’t there cheaper toilet paper? why is this so expensive? To which I replied, you told me you don’t like the cheap kind of toilet paper because it’s too rough on your bum.

The cashier smiled. Andrew turned red. And I giggled. You walked into that one, Andrew. 


6 thoughts on “Saving money on groceries

  1. Oh yeah. I’m under strict instructions to ‘buy the good stuff’ for the same reasons. LOL Poor ol’ Andrew.

    i’ve noticed here, that alot of the no name products are just minor seconds and still processed at the same factory as the brand name items, AND work exactly the same.

    • Glad to know I am not the only one! lol. For the record, I did get his permission before posting this post… good thing he doesn’t embarass easily… Good to know about the no name products being produced in the same factories… I guess it’s like big brand name clothes in that nature… it all does the same thing

      • I heard about it from somewhere, and comparing items, you can see the addresses… I’m a snob for some things, but home brand is all over my pantry.
        Clothes, schomthes, cheap brands and second hand Rock!

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