Weekend Getaway: Whistler, BC

Andrew surprised me this week with a romantic weekend getaway to Whistler, BC. I had never been before and was so excited to jet out of the city. It took us about 2 hours to drive from Vancouver to Whistler and we stayed at the beautiful Pan Pacific Mountainside Hotel. Whistler has so many things to do, and while we decided we wouldn’t try to pack too much into one weekend, we decided we had to do one of the more famous tourist attractions the village had to offer: the Peak 2 Peak, a breathtaking gondola ride that connects Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb; the two peaks of Whistler’s ski resort.

Although each gondola cart (not sure what it’s called) was meant to carry 2 dozen people, we somehow got the whole thing to ourselves! I asked Andrew if he planned it that way… you know… to max out the romantic factor of our weekend away… he denies it, but I was still very impressed. I think he was pleased with himself too…

At the top we enjoyed some beer, some lunch and took in the amazing view… and maybe threw a few snowballs at each other. It was hilarious to see a tour group from Thailand (we’re guessing) who engaged in a real snowball battle. It’s as if they were seeing snow for the first time… and they probably were! Can you imagine if it was your first time seeing snow? I think it would a rude awakening to learn that snow usually isn’t accompanied by 8 degree plus weather (maybe about 45 Fahrenheit for my American family and friends), and warm sunshine.

If I was a poet, I would go on about how the mountains were majestic, the beauty was overwhelming, and the scenery was out of this world… but all I could say was “wow.” We feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

The whole weekend was amazing. Thank you to my amazing husband for whisking me away.


12 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway: Whistler, BC

  1. thant looks insane. I would love to go. But (looking at that picture between the peaks) my vertigo would probably get the better of me and I would be huddled in the corner of the gondola…

  2. Beautiful! I wanna go there and so will your dad but it might be difficult to get him on that ride- too high and too much glass!

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