Wishing Trees

What would you wish for? If you could have just one wish?

I asked this question to myself after last weekend’s adventure with our friends Phil and Emily to the city’s newest Summer Night Market. In one section there were a bunch of trees with flower shaped lights on them. The bright purple light against the backdrop of the night sky was so striking. There were instructions to write a wish on a peice of paper and tie it to one of the trees so your wish would come true.

I think most people would wish for this… I know that was my first thought.

Sure, I’d like the extra money to go take a bigger vacation, to pay off debts, to buy a house one day and stop renting, to buy new furniture for my bedroom… the list goes on.

Certain aspects of life could be easier with a little more cash flow but more money doesn’t make me happy. It’s the little things that I look back on and they make me smile: It’s getting a compliment on a job well done at work. It’s a weekend with the family. It’s a well cooked meal with friends. It’s painting my nails a brand new cute color. It’s Andrew cooking me eggs on a Saturday morning. It’s reading the last page of a great big book. It’s laughing so hard that my stomach hurts. It’s turning off all the lights and curling up with my husband to watch a movie at home. It’s Bailey’s in my hot chocolate for dessert. It’s finding time to sit and just do nothing.

So if I had one wish, what would my wish be? For everyone to find someone in their lives that makes me as happy as I am when I am with Andrew. Maybe my wish worked on Emily and Phil! Just kidding. These two were lovebirds before I came along.


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