La Taqueria

I’ve been wanting to check out this new-ish Vancouver restaraunt, La Taqueria: Pinche Taco Shop, at the corner of Broadway and Cambie for awhile and Andrew and I finally got a chance to go yesterday after work. I do love tacos, but have to be honest it was the restaurant’s awesome colour combo and décor that lured me inside. Good news is the funky interior design is backed up by the great tasting food.

Here’s the deal: You order 4 mini tacos, and they can all be different… I am no expert on Mexican food, but these did not taste like Tex-Mex Taco Bell type tacos. These tasted authentic, and because of their small size and big taste I didn’t feel bloated and stuffed afterwards.

But there were so tiny, I could have eaten two more! Andrew probably could have eaten another four. We resisted. And sure enough we felt full 2o minutes later.

Final verdict: I would say the portion size is perfect for lunch and it’s not too badly priced either, but for dinner I think I am conditioned to expect a bigger meal. Also… I want the interior design of my apartment to look like this restaurant!


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