Training for my half-marathon: 2 weeks in

The first 2 weeks getting back into shape suck. My mom always told me never to use this word but its true… they just suck. Suck, suck, suck. My athletic past knows enough to forsee that this painful period will pass and soon my legs won’t feel like lead, my shins will stop hurting, I won’t sound like I am hacking up a lung when I pick up the pace and my butt will look cuter in everything… very very soon.

I’ve decided the image above was definitely created by someone who was just getting over their 2 week hump. I can tell. Because when I run I think  I look like a sexy model in overpriced work out clothes, but instead I know I look like this chubby toddler who can’t catch a break.

But I have to say I am impressed by her one arm extended far from her body, in comparison to my low energy T-rex running arms. My arms usually stay close to my sides as I jog nice and slow, all the while I hear my 7th grade track coach screaming in my ear to extend my arms as I run. Your arms will pull you forward you must move them, I hear her yell in my head. I’ve run enough races to know she’s right but in my current state of mind all I can think is this sucks, this sucks, this sucks…

At least my second week of training has been better than my first. My first week of training I ran once, played 3 hours of Ultimate Frisbee (which if you know anything about the sport of Ultimate it’s the exercise equivalent of a billion quick sprinting intervals… that’s right, a billion) and I went to a bikram yoga class. That’s it.

I am happy to say this last week I ran 5 times! Mostly slow 3 mile runs averaging about 30 minutes, but on Saturday Andrew and I went for a 4 mile run. He’s been training with me, although he has no plans to run the half marathon with me (what a sweetie). And on Sunday we capped off the week by completing Vancouver’s infamous Grouse Grind— a 1.8 mile steep hike straight to the top of Grouse Mountain (2,800 feet). Again I thought (and hoped) I looked like this…

But I actually looked like this…

This is a picture of Andrew and I at the half way point. Yes, that’s me hunched over. Apologies for the blurriness, but I am sure the girl taking the photo with my iPhone was shaking from pure exhaustion like the rest of us.

On the way down I ran into a co-worker who had just completed the hike himself. When he asked how I did, I admitted I felt pretty slow (and simply neglected to mention it took me an hour and a half… he doesn’t need to know), but then I added (in part to make me feel better) that I was training for a half marathon and was hoping this would help gain some much needed leg muscle. He looked impressed and complimented me on my efforts.  I smiled. It felt good to say out loud that I was training for a half-marathon. It’s certainly a sentence I never thought I would say a few years ago.

So bring it on week 3… bring it on.


15 thoughts on “Training for my half-marathon: 2 weeks in

  1. Nice! I ran exactly once while in Scotland. My brain knows I need to run as soon as possible so as not too lose even more of the hard work I put in before the trip….but my butt prefers to sit on the couch, going over photos and contemplating jetlag like it’s a valid excuse for not training. Maybe I’d better start tomorrow so I don’t feel like I did in the first two weeks of training again! 🙂 Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  2. It’s okay to use the word suck in this particular situation :-). I am so proud of you and you will be of yourself once you reach that finish line in August. Go girl, go!

  3. that’s great work. It’s slow and steady and gradual build up that will help. Having hubby come along for training has got to be a booster. Look forward to the rest of your training 🙂

  4. I am trying to talk myself into starting to run again. It’s been since high school but I loved it. I also have seen that first image/comparison before- the little girl is so adorable! Go, girl!

    • I know this image has been floating around the internet for a while, but I think its hilarious! If you enjoyed running before, I think you will enjoy it again. It’s hard to get myself out the door but once my run is done I feel great!

  5. Your mother would definitely disapprove of the judicious use of the word poop then…and runners definitely talk about their poo.

    aahhh I remember saying i would never run…10 years later I have definitely run some miles. hehehe

  6. I definitely can agree with the two week thing! My friend and I are on week two of our training program and I cannot wait to get back into it past this week! Although, this is my first time training to run – I’d rather swim millions of miles – it’s actually fun!

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