Night market

Over the weekend we went to one of the city’s newest Night Markets in Richmond, a suburb of the greater Vancouver area, with our friends Phil and Emily. The Night Market has great cheap food (mostly asian food– except for that nutella banana pizza I am eating in the photo above… I needed that after some bad tasting fish balls), lots of kitsch things to buy like hello kitty accessories and some pretty awful fake designer purses, and some entertainment.

The great thing about this new Night Market is it’s right on the Canada Line (or subway line for those not familiar with Vancouver’s public transit), which I read on twitter, makes it much easier to travel to. So just as we were about to leave the house Andrew and I were debating whether or not we should drive and park or take public transit. We had never been to this location before, so we weren’t sure what to expect but I was in favor of taking the Canada Line. Andrew argued that the car would be much more convenient. As we bickered back and forth minutes before leaving the house, I finally won the argument. We took the Canada Line, and good thing we did too… not only was the Night Market only 2 blocks away from the Bridgeport stop on the subway line, but the parking lot looked packed. As we were leaving the market the traffic exiting the lot was literally at a standstill.

We walked passed the disgruntled drivers and Andrew commented, I knew we should have taken public transit… Aren’t you glad I suggested that Ash? I rolled my eyes…  he smiled…what a cheeky man.


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