On the subject of renter’s insurance…

We have car insurance and life insurance so it only makes sense to look into renter’s insurance. I don’t think Andrew and I ever thought about renter’s insurance as something we needed at this stage in our lives, but as soon as we became engaged, and Andrew gave me a gorgeous diamond ring, we now have reason to re-consider. If something were to happen to my ring I think I would have a heart attack!

So Andrew looked into some options for us. What he found out was that living in a big swanky city like Vancouver makes it twice as expensive to purchase insurance than if we lived in a smaller town. It is going to cost us over $400 a year to purchase renter’s insurance which will cover our household items up to $40,000, including $6,000 worth of jewelry.

We don’t even own $40,000 worth of stuff yet. Plus, Andrew says…the ring did not cost THAT much. And I reply: but it’s a great excuse to buy me some more expensive jewelry… (wink!) 

You can probably guess who’s the saver and who’s the spender in our relationship…


6 thoughts on “On the subject of renter’s insurance…

  1. There’s the difference is countries. our insurances are worded differently, but renters Insurance hits the mark perfectly. Ours are sinply, House (building), Contents, Car, boat, Life… etc. So as serial renters we have only ever taken out Contents. My jewellery is covered by an actual Jewellery Insurance place. It was easier to deal with it through the shop when we bought it than try and explain and describe it to the contents people. Also, much cheaper. Do you have set rates for or can you name it. so you have less than $40,000, can you pay for less, or does it start at a set place…? I hope that’s not too confusing. Love some of your knick knacks though, the little blue teapot/jug is cute. 🙂

    • Thanks! Ya, I am sure there are other options worth looking into. But that’s a good idea to get just jewelry insurance. Did u just go to the jewellers to buy that? The little teapot was made by Andrew! He used to be really into ceramics… I hope he gets back into it.

  2. Well hello there old friends. I have a suggestion for you as an insurance professional for many years myself lol. Try calling TD Meloche Monnex. You guys will get an alumni rate and a very customizable tenants’ pakage. 🙂

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