Go-Karts and Race Cars in Cumberland, BC

This past weekend Andrew and I took a trip to Vancouver Island to visit the in-laws. Andrew had a bachelor party to attend that started in Cumberland, BC. While Andrew was drinking beers with his buddies, and then went to go shoot things in the woods (this is what small town bachelor parties are like I guess…) my in-laws and I took in the sights and sounds.

We dropped him off at the local tavern (no joke, it was called a tavern) and then realized to our surprise that Cumberland was having it’s Village Market Day. There were food and craft vendors, music and best home-made race cars and go-karts. They were amazing!!!

Below was my favorite: Rosie the Riveter.

Cumberland, BC reminded me of when I used to live in Manchester, Michigan when I was in middle school. There is something about small town charm and hospitality that you just can’t find in a big city.

Last but not least… Rosie crossing the finish line!


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