1920’s costume party

Andrew and I were lucky enough to be invited to our first 1920’s costume party. A co-worker of mine decided to celebrate her birthday in style taking a cue from one of her favorite TV shows Boardwalk Empire. The setting: a cool night on top of a condo building in downtown Vancouver.

Prior to this, the only costume parties I had been to were Halloween ones… So this party definitely made me feel all grown up. Just about everyone dressed up and there was an open bar with prohibition themed drinks… which we soon found out was basically a front for vodka-sprite, or gin-cranberry. Oh well… it sounded cool.

We looked up “1920’s” phrases on Wikipedia and tried to repeat them throughout the night and as you can see I took tons of photos with my iPhone.

Andrew and I didn’t know many people there so at first there was a lot of polite mingling, and small talk. And I thought to myself, is this what being a grown up at a party is all about? The short answer … no. Once everyone had a few drinks in them, it felt like a wild university house party all over again. When the night was over, we didn’t want to leave!

Don’t you just love those nights where you go in not knowing what to expect and then wind up having the best time ever?

Thanks to the birthday girl for a great night!


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