25 things you may not know about us

Thank you to WordPress for making yesterday’s blog post Freshly Pressed!  It was a pleasant surprise and (not going to lie) made me feel like a rock star.

The amount of comments and traffic my blog has received is both uplifting and inspiring! So THANK YOU! The more I become immersed into the blogosphere I realize I love blogging because it allows me to connect with other people. It’s been so much fun reading all of your individual blogs after you commented or liked my blog post (and yes I clicked on just about every one of your blogs! Promise!). After doing so it became clear, everyone has more in common than they have differences.

And that’s why I want to write about world peace today… Just Kidding! I am not Miss America…. or would that reference make more sense if I said Miss Universe, now that I am living in Canada? Anyways….

Since you’re all just getting to know us, allow me to give you a more in-depth introduction with today’s blog post.

Sometimes it’s fun to reflect on what makes our relationship unique and weird. Even if it’s the small stuff.

Here’s 25 things you may not know about us…

1. She always forgets to turn off the lights when she leaves a room.

2. He never closes the kitchen drawers or cupboards.

3. She’s guilty of taking ‘hour showers’.

4. He would eat pasta every night if she would let him.

5. His closet is filled with mostly blue t-shirts, blue button up shirts, and blue sweaters.

6. She is a neat freak and likes everything to be back in it’s exact spot.

7. She’s a morning person.

8. He is NOT.

9. Her secret talent is wiggling her ears.

10. His secret talents: cooking, painting, photography, folding laundry and kissing (ok, he wins).

11. He spent two summers in a row tree planting up in northern B.C. and now hates camping.

12. She is an expert at cooking pancakes.

13. He makes the bed for her every morning.

14. We both hate grocery shopping so we insist on going together or not going at all.

15. Neither of us can sing, which makes karaoke a favorite activity.

16. She introduced him to turkey tacos, turkey spaghetti and turkey chili and now he loves it!

17. Turkey bacon on the other hand is not in the cards…

18. Our favorite game at the moment is Apples to Apples and we bring it to every party we go to (so invite us over!)

19. She loves watching made for TV B-List Sci-Fi movies. He rolls his eyes.

20. We both love lounging in pjs and watching HGTV.

21. She still can’t (and won’t ever) drive a manual car.

22. He hates taking out the trash.

23. She still needs him to kill the big spiders in their apartment.

24. He never acquired a taste or love for coffee and prefers hot chocolate or tea in the morning.

25. Our perfect date night is dinner and a movie.

We’re not perfect… Although I come pretty close (wink!)

What are 25 things that people may not know about you or you and your spouse?


6 thoughts on “25 things you may not know about us

  1. Well aren’t you two precious! Reading through those made me realize I know you guys really well..probably a good thing 🙂 miss you both!!

  2. Cute! You should read my post “On Becoming a Grown Up and Spiders” I think it’s posted under ‘This and That’ I think you would appreciate it since you still make Andrew kills spiders for you. 🙂 I’ll have to do a 25 things list about us some time. That is a fun idea! In the mean time, I won’t be blogging for about 12 days since we’re off for Scotland tomorrow! Oh…and Andy is the pancake expert in our household. (There’s a blog about that too!) Adorable blog today!

  3. Okay, let’s look at the list shall we? # 1, 3, 6, and 9 are your dad…. Numbers 7 and 19 …ME! YAY! I win 🙂

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