Motivated to Run: Tackling my first half-marathon

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A couple of weekends ago my father-in-law, John, ran the BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon. I remember he tried to convince Andrew and I to sign up and do it with him and we politely declined… although in my head I was thinking, Aw… hells noooo! You must think I’m crazy! 

But on the day of race my mother-in-law Shelley, Andrew and I went downtown to cheer him on and as he passed the finish line I saw so many runners of all different shapes and sizes. There were people of different ages and different abilities. And instead of thinking “why,” I thought “why not?” What is stopping me from running a half marathon? I used to run track and cross country in high-school and was actually good. It’s true the longest race I have ever run was a 10k and that was a good 7-8 years ago, but I think I could do it again.

With my new confidence (and not to mention the obvious perk that I could get my body bikini ready!), John and I started looking up local races online to see if there were any other half-marathons coming up this summer. To my surprise, there is one just about every weekend!!! Every charity or bank has one these days. And there’s not just half-marathons, there’s 5ks and 8ks and 10ks and of course full-length marathons. How will I choose which one to sign up for I thought. It all seemed so overwhelming…

Then John came across the SeaWheeze lululemon Half Marathon, the first ever of it’s kind in Vancouver. Well I do like lululemon I thought. That sounds like a pretty cool half marathon to be apart of. And then John exclaimed it was the most expensive one! Nearly $50 more than the others on the list! That’s ridiculous, we all agreed. Why would someone pay more to run? And not just to run but to run for 2 hours?! John shaking his head in dissaproval read further and then noted that runners do get a pair of lululemon shorts for signing up.

My eyes opened wide, my ears perked up and I muttered, on second thought well that sounds kind of nice! My decision was made. Done! I’ll do it, I decided.

Andrew then mentioned the obvious, honey you know that’s pretty expensive… and you only want to do it now for the shorts, let’s be honest. Well for once Andrew you are right. But hey, everyone needs something to keep them motivated. For me it’s lululemon shorts. And I am determined to look good in my free (but not so free) shorts on race day August 11th.

If anyone has any great tips when it comes to training for a half-marathon I gladly welcome them!


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  1. Wishing you luck! I’m sure it’ll be very rewarding, even beyond the shorts. 🙂 Always feels good to get stronger and accomplish things you aren’t sure you can do.

  2. Go for it! The key is making the commitment to yourself and then staying with it! If you’re looking for help training, your local running shoe store likely has group runs or a training program you can sign up with. And good luck!

  3. I have never been a runner and I’ve challenged myself to run/walk my first marathon with my family. My reason is to conquer illness that have bombarded my life but I like how your doing it for the shorts. 🙂 Start off slow, I hurt myself when I started jogging before I started walking.

  4. Congrats on making the leap and for being Freshly Pressed! I have done two half marathons in FL and really the key is to find a training program you can live with and stick to it. If you under-train, you’ll feel it and regret it on race day — but there are so many plans out there that you’ll find one that works for you and your schedule. Since it sounds like you are not a big runner, I would Google things like “from couch to half marathon” — they’ll have some good training programs in that vein where you really only need to run 1-2 days during the week with a “long run” each weekend. Not too bad.

    Not sure how much time is left before the race but typically two months is a good amount of time, or more if you have it! My husband (with no real running ability) started training on Dec 1 for a Feb 12 half marathon and was able to finish in 2:17 00 very proud of him!


  5. I want to train for a marathon too and your post is inspiring! I find most of my tips from “Fitness” magazine. I haven’t looked at this site yet, but they suggest looking at their website or I hope this helps!

  6. Heck, I’ve considered training for and running the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon in S.F. purely for the Tiffany necklace you get at the end. Whatever motivates you!

  7. Congratulations! You have already crossed one hurdle…deciding to run a half. I ran the Chicago Half Marathon last September. It was my first and I will be doing more. Jeff Galloway has a great training program on his website that is very doable.

    My advice would be to stay focused and train, even when you don’t feel like getting out for a run, you will feel sooo much better when you get done!

    Hydration and eating healthy will also make it easier. I have more info on that if you are interested.

    Stay strong, you can do it!

  8. Congratulations!! This is a big commitment and lifestyle change. I ran my first half in October… Despite the fact I tore one of my glutes (finally diagnosed last week), it still felt great!

  9. My advice is to enjoy the process. Enjoy every single training run. You will never forget your training and you will never forget your first half marathon. If you need a half marathon training schedule you can get one from my blog. My wife and I used it and it was great preparation. I also have a running necessities section that might help. When you do run the race, run at your pace. Also, make sure you ease back into running if you haven’t run in a while in order to prevent any injuries. I am sure you will be just fine and it will come naturally to you. Go out and there and kick some running butt!!! Enjoy it…All of it!! You are about to make a bunch of memories that will stay with you the rest of your life. It’s not just a step forward…it’s a leap – and it’s wonderful!!

  10. I have run dozens of races: 5k to 50 miles. My “aha moment” came when I was trying to complete a 50k in 5 hours and was completely miserable. I was in one of the most beautiful forests in the world and hating it. I realized then that if I wasn’t in line to win or set a PR, I might as well find a pace that felt good and enjoy the running. So my advice is simply to take the time to enjoy every minute. Don’t worry about your pace or your splits, or how many people have passed you. Read the signs in the crowd, high-five little kids, thank the aide station workers for the water. Have goals, but don’t let the goals get in the way of the magic of the race. The experience is like no other.

  11. The best advice is what you’ve already gotten in previous comments: stick with it! But, so that I can add a little something to that, I’ll also advise you to look for short term motivation, too. Training for longer distance can feel like it’s breaking you down, so you might need a little boost: running group, coach, motivational quotes, runner/bloggers, etc. I find them especially helpful as the training runs get longer and longer….:)

  12. Fun! I’m training for my first half marathon too! It’s at the end of July and it is all downhill in one of our family’s favorite canyons! 🙂 Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed and GOOD LUCK! I haven’t blogged about it yet but probably will when I get home from my trip. (Heading to Scotland on Friday! Woo Hoo!) If you want to check it out for future posts: I’m using the Hal Higdon training program. You can look it up online for free and he has different types depending on your level. Have fun!!

  13. I’d go all in for a pair of lululemon shorts, too! I just signed up for my first marathon, after running 4 half-marathons. Good luck and have fun!

  14. has great training programs.
    Although for me, I signed up with Team In Training because the Team aspect made sure I got out of bed to train and the philanthropic side made sure that any pain I was feeling was put into perspective. I was never a runner and they prepared me so well that the night before my first full marathon (I went full, not 1/2 – but did do a 1/2 as part of training) I was not nervous because I knew they’d trained me so well. Plus they support you out on the course and keep you going and you’ll have so much fun you’ll sign up for WAAAAY more! I went on to do another full and then a half-ironman tri with them because the training is so amazing. But one step at a time! Good for you for signing up for a 1/2 tri, you’ll have a blast!

  15. I just did my first half back in February! I did the Runner’s World “intermediate guide” and I felt like it was successful.,7123,s6-238-244-258-0,00.html
    I was also training for triathlons, so I recommend doing some sort of cross-training on a bike or in the pool so that your joints aren’t always the ones hitting the pavement. Here’s the summary of my race if you’re interested:

  16. Good for you! Whatever it takes to get you to do it, I say is worth it. Shorts, cool t-shirt, trip or whatever. Good luck to you. I’m a beginner runner and getting ready to ramp up from 5Ks to 10K. Just keep training and you’ll do great!

  17. My marathons these days are to the lady’s run between classes! That is great that you have made such a commitment to something that benefits you in more than one way (shorts and fitness). Good luck!

  18. My advice is find a partner. If there isn’t someone in your life that is up for the half marathon challenge then I would definitely look to your local running store, or maybe even on the race website to see what kind-of groups might be training for the race.

    The difference a partner can make to get you out the door is invaluable. It is much easier to stand yourself up for a run than it is someone else you’ve made the commitment to meet.

    I started running 6 years ago to drop baby weight. I can say without question that besides marrying my husband it was THE BEST decision I ever made (for me having children really wasn’t a decision… I always knew I would… just doesn’t seem comparable).

    The power and sense of accomplishment that even a training run can give me is something like I’ve never experienced!. When life gets hectic, and I’m pulled in a million directions I know that I still have my run… that is just for me. And I do love the races. They give you something to work towards, but really each day can be your own race. I like to set a goal for the morning, whether it be a certain distance or a certain time, and when I meet that goal, I celebrate!

    Just start with small goals, and build on each accomplishment (any race plan will help you do that). Stick to the plan and you will be great!

  19. Good Luck! I’m a beginner and am running 5k’s now but am hoping to start training for a half marathon soon! I look forward to following your blog.

  20. When I ran my first half-marathon, I did my prep work with a combination of training with a group from the Running Room and consulting John Stanton’s book on Running. I also always trained with a Garmin watch to clock my pace to ensure I trained in the goal range… Hill-training, I later discovered, was enormously helpful for building endurance, followed by interval training for speed work… As a more seasoned runner, I have now embraced cross-training – after suffering a series of injuries to legs and feet. This involves cycling, swimming, and xc-skiing (in the winter). Of course, remembering to take a day off or two is also important for recovery… Lastly, to hold myself accountable, I log every activity I do (time + distance), so I can track my progress over time. Good luck!

  21. You go girl! I ran my first half marathon in March and it is the most empowering feeling… ya know, besides running a full marathon! lol make it a habit to get out there and then once you get to the point you’re looking forward to your run… training isn’t that bad. The day I ran 10 miles I made sure to call everyone I knew and rub it in. But only after sitting in my car and crying like a little baby! hehe keep us updated!!!

  22. Congratulations on taking the step! I only just started running in the fall and am still working on the 5k. (Had a bit of a slide when winter weather hit Ontario.) It’s a big step to go from “why” to “why not.” Best wishes for the training and great news about the lululemon shorts! 😀

  23. You will do great! Races are so fun and you learn a lot along the way. I’m a year-round runner; it’s my me time, my girlfriend time (when my running partner comes with) and it’s my therapy. You will love it. Plus, lululemon shorts! Score!

  24. I posted A Practical Approach for First-time Marathoners last September at The same philosophy applies to half-marathons as well. It is advice you won’t typically find in running publications, and has more to do with mindset than intervals and VO2 Max. Feel free to share if you find it helpful. There is much more at Pass the word and good luck!

  25. You won’t regret it…In fact during the race, you would be thinking about signing up for the next one…it’s so addictive and it’s good for you. All the best!!!

  26. If I can run a half marathon, then anyone can. My third in a year is in less than two weeks. I am hooked, one of those insane people on the road in the middle of winter and cannot imagine my life without it.

  27. Good luck – I just ran my first 5K after not running for 30 years. Felt good (and bad) to be back at it. One perk is that now I’m old enough and have enough things wrong with me that I don’t have to achieve any impressive times – just doing it is enough. I hope you have fun and achieve your goals (mine was to not be last)

  28. I envy your excitement. I remember my nervousness, my anxiety, my excitement in running my first half-Mary!

    My advice: during the run, take it nice and slow. The run atmosphere, the adrenaline, the excitement will make you feel invincible, but it will weigh down on you in the final stretch. Better to start slow and end fast!

  29. a simple self motivation resulted in great achievements..I myself registered last January for 5K marathon in Mall of Asia Philippines, not for personal benefits but for cause of such event. For this reason, it will really move your feet! Please check out.

  30. Congrats and good luck with your training! I like Hal Higdon’s training plans (; they’re clear and easy to follow, and we all know that training for a race is hard enough without having to try to figure out a complicated training schedule 🙂

    I’m running my first half at the end of the month and I’ve been tracking my training over on my blog if you want to swing by!

    You’ll do great!

  31. good day. I agree with them. A simple self-motivation most likely resulted a great achievement. I also ran for 5K and another 5K ceremonial run last January 2012 at Mall of Asia, Manila Philippines, and it was great experience ever. Not for the personal benefit I registered and run but for the cause of the event. You may check please the link for more info. Thanks for your nice blog.

  32. That’s awesome, Ashly! You’re gonna love it. Running has become one of the best things for me. Advice? Find a run group. Having an awesome group of people to run with has made all the difference for me this spring. They’ll push you and make the time fly by. Also, find some routes you love to run… trails, hills, along the waterfront, whatever gets you out there. And, yes, cute shorts help 😉 Have fun and keep us posted!

  33. Exciting that you accepted the challenge. Best of luck! After a couple of strokes and a small heart-attack, my running days are over. Part of my therapy has been to dedicate time to practicing guitar (I have to relearn as I experienced some memory and physical problems), so I’ve taken to blogging my attempts at my favorite guitar licks and songs, and include tab that I’ve written to make it easier for me to remember, which will of course work for anyone wishing to try the licks.

    These blogs are a great incentive to keep at it.

    Congrats on your selection in freshly pressed, and I’ll be following to see how you do in your race planning and attempt. Best of luck!

  34. Good for you for signing up, but I warn you – they are addictive. I just ran my fifth over here in little ‘ol Victoria with another in 2 weeks. looking forward to following your progress. Cheers!

  35. Excellent post.
    Your father is a wonderful men, I like running, and I have taken part in marathon for many times.
    Thanks for sharing.

  36. I’m really disappointed that the Sea Wheeze is the same day as my friend’s wedding in Ottawa, but I’m hoping it’ll be back this year. I was so excited to see that they’re giving out shorts instead of a shirt – how cool!

  37. You already have the right attitude: you don’t have to be a super athlete to enjoy running… and just think, depsite the payment for the race, all the training will be totally FREE! Treat yourself through the training and feel yourself improving, going further, getting fitter. These small psychological boosts will help, even in exhausting moments.

    You have made a GREAT decision! Good luck.

  38. Congratulations on your decision to run the half marathon, that’s half the battle, telling all these people – now you HAVE to do it! I’ve run about four or five half marathons in the past, (although not running at the moment, replace it with cycling). My tips would be (i) to start slowly, or you’ll end up with shin splints; (2) try to train at the same time of that you’ll be running. I trained first thing in the morning, but then found it really hard during the run in the heat of the day; (3) go at your own pace.
    Have fun!!! And congratulations on being freshly pressed.


  39. Glad to see I’m not alone in training for a half marathon. Good luck with the training, there’s nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment after a good run

  40. Congratulations, you have done the hard bit by signing up! You have plenty of time to get yourself ready to run this distance but this is my advice to help you along the way.
    1. Follow a plan, use the links people have given you above and choose one that suits your schedule.
    2. Get company, training with a partner makes the whole process so much more enjoyable.
    3. Get a play list, if you cant get a training partner, pick your faviourite songs to keep you going on the way.
    4. Remind yourself why, What ever your reasons, self fulfillment, prove a point or to get your shorts, keep reminding yourself why your doing it.
    5. Reward yourself, each week you hit your goals, each month you increase your running time tell yourself well done and if you want that candy bar….go for it!
    6. Be realistic, Rome want built in a day, dont expect to much to early but.
    7. Be Positive, we can achieve great things if we allow ourselves time and self belief.
    8. Smile, enjoy the process, if the training goes well, you will sleep better, eat well and tone up, smile, be happy its why we do it.

    On the race day, have your name on your shirt and enjoy every shout that comes your way and smile as you cross that line….its a great feeling….very addictive!

    Good Luck.

    Follow me on twitter @garveychris for motivational peptalks! or see my blog for goal setting advice.

  41. Good for you! I’d be the same, I’m running 10k in 3 weeks, okay not quite as far as a half marathon but I do get a medal at the end a goody bag.. Kind of helped me decide to go for it as well as the helping charity part of course.

    I’m the same, I have bad knees not so in shape or fit as I should be but I am working out every day sometimes twice a day.

    Best of luck!!!!

  42. How exciting! I was scared to DEATH to do my first half marathon, but had SO much fun that I’ve already added another into the mix since. Be sure to focus on YOU and what YOU are capable of and what are improvements in your running and health for YOU. Don’t make the mistake of comparing yourself to others’ paces…it’s not about that. Like others have mentioned, be sure to find a training schedule that you know you can manage and will help you improve. You’ll learn a LOT about yourself and how to listen to your body during training–when enough is enough and when you know you can push further. I couldn’t even run a mile when I started training for my first half, but found out during training for the second one that the key for me was to keep going even when I thought I needed to stop. Be patient and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It’s 90% mental and 10% physical. Good luck!!

  43. Hello Ashley & Monkey, I began following your blog late last night and have received over two dozen emails from your blog in twelve hours? This doesn’t happen with any other blog I follow.

  44. Half-marathons are my favourite distance! Find a training plan and stick with it. You can find some good ones on Google. And remember that your rest days are a vital part of your training. They are when your muscles actually rebuild and get stronger. You may want to try the method of running for 10 minutes, walking for one minute. I run my halfs that way and I swear by it. Above all, enjoy it. The start line buzz is phenomenal. Have a great time and happy training!

  45. How inspiring! Running sure does test and stretch a person. All the luck with the running endeavour! And congrats on being freshly pressed.

  46. I get exhausted just thinking about running.

    But I love hearing about it when y’all write about

    (reminds me of Haruki Murakami’s book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running)

  47. I came across this just as I’m training for a pretty epic endurance race. I miss being able to run without being winded. When you’ve your fitness level there, you should maintain it and never let it drop. It’s so hard to be motivated to get back to a former level once you slip.

  48. has a great deal of schedules, insights, inspiration, and injury-prevention advice. Connect up with a local running club in your area for training runs and support. Good for you and good luck!

  49. Congrats on finding your inner-running freak! I’ve run multiple marathons and half-marathons and I’d say the half is a great way to go. Just remember you’re doing it for the fun, the shorts, and the experience. You don’t need to go overboard on your training. If you can work up to running 3 or 4 times a week consistently, with each run ranging in mileage from 3 miles to 8, then you’ll be fine. I’d also recommend that you do at least one run where you do more than 10 miles, just so your brain knows you’re capable of such a distance come race day. And make sure you’re drinking a lot of water each day. I know that’s a “duh” statement, but you’d be surprised how easily folks get dehydrated. Best of luck to you! -JD

  50. You should see if they page offers a training plan for a half marathon. I will run one in just 10 days here in Saskatoon and the Saskatchewan Marathon page had a plan. It looks a bit overwhelming but it will help you to make progress. Make sure you run short distances every week, add some weight training to strengthen your muscles and see that you run faster every week.
    Plus, see if you can fit in one or two short distance races (a 5K and a 10K) beforehand so you get the feeling of a race and what you should prepare and the care after.

  51. Congratulation to you…you needed that such brave to sign up your first half-marathon. I did the same last February 12. I chose 10K, it WAS my first 10K. I use to hike but for ages I didn’t train to run. The marathon held in Bali (Bali Marathon) on April 22. What motivated me was it’s my birthday, I wanted to do different thing on my special day. So be it.

    The second motivation came from my closest friend. She text-ed me ‘I’ve diagnosed of ovarian cancer, 3rd degree’. I truly shocked, being hit thousand lighting in the middle of my working hour. Since that day I changed my run motivation: I run for her, for her chemotherapy treatment and health. I will dedicate my run for her, until she gets healed and back to her normal life. My God is my witness.

    I had 8 weeks to train, no one was willing to be my couch. Then, I coached myself. I didn’t have timex or any other run specialty watch, I only had my G-shock and it became my running buddy “). The first day was the hardest one…I’m not the morning person and this comfort zone must be left if you want to grab your success. First training, I was tormented by this newly habit. I ran for 2′ then stop, another 2′ – stop. Never more than 2’….

    Week by week, I couldn’t manage my pace increased. Until 3 or 4 weeks before the race, I ran in the real stadium lap and raced myself for 10 rounds. Well, it didn’t bad and neither good….So much frustration. I wanted to give up. Then I got my left knee injured, hard to walk and run. Goossshh. This happened one week before the race.

    The last training before my knee injured, I made 1:34 for 10K. I remember the time limit was 2 hours.

    On the race day, I ran with both knee uncomfortable. If I didn’t run for my friend and my promise to
    God, I was giving up. I couldn’t move my knee more than a feet, I managed my run and prayed not to stop until the finish line. Near the u-turn it signed 5K and I didn’t walk, another 5K to go. For my surprise, though both knee didn’t do the best, my heart and lung worked so perfect! I breathed normally, sucked my belly very deep so I got more power than I did in start-line. I passed another 10K runner who got slower slower in the point of 9K.

    500m near the finish line, I increased my speed, can’t wait to finish my race and win it. I pushed hard the both knee and….tuit tuit my pin was read, I finished it. My time was 1:35:53! with injured knee….this time was not so far from my training. I was so thrill, I felt like a heroin and I got the finisher medal… first 10K medal…

  52. Congrats on being freshly pressed! I read this post right before I ran my first 5K in about 6 years. I am working up for the Rock&Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach in September. I need to lose some of the extra weight I carried around my waist before then. Just remember, a journey of 13.1 miles may begin with a 5K! Good luck to us all!

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  54. Good luck in your training! Finishing a race is the greatest sense of accomplishment. Take a look at, specifically their forums. They have specific threads for training for half marathons and will give a lot of advice for training plans to follow. Especially if it is your first I would stop by the local running store and see if there are any training groups in the area.

  55. Signing up is the first hurdle. Done and done. Not going to lie, I pick races sometimes for the goodies…hello Nike Women’s Marathon this October. Firemen, check, Tiffany necklaces, check.

    I just did two half marathon using the Runner’s World Less is More training plans. I really liked them because you only have to commit to running three day/week. Good luck!

  56. “Why not?” is right. I have run 2 Half Marathons…The feeling of accomplishment is SO great. Take it nice and slow, because it really does win the race. Good Luck!

  57. Hello!

    I have yet to run my half-marathon (so I am not sure if I can give a valid tips :))

    However, I have been running three 5K run races and will join a Triathlon race in this coming June..

    My tips? It boils down to commitment and motivation.

    My #1 motivation: so that I can tell this story to my grown-up kid (who is now a 2 year old boy) how I conquered my inertia; and hopefully by the time he is 18, we can participate in a Triathlon together.

    Happy running!


  58. Hey there, am thinking also about starting running and doing a mini marathon. Can totally relate to the shorts being the motivation…I think I’m running for the cool iphone running apps. Can’t wait to track my kms each time!

  59. “[…] and then noted that runners do get a pair of lululemon shorts for signing up.” [!] That does sound neat! My only advice is to be consistent in the schedule you select to prepare (it looks like you have plenty of advice and suggestions already) and enjoy!

  60. Ask for advice and your BOUND to be bombarded with it! 🙂

    I’m also training for my first half marathon! But this is my second attempt at training. I trained in the summer of 2010 and had finally gotten to my longest practice run 19.5Km or roughly 12 miles, just ONE mile shy of a half marathon distance. The run was magnificent, it was a rare clear day in Seoul and I ran along the Han river, I didn’t stop, I hit a few walls but ran through them without much pain and my state of mind was great! ……….. the next morning I woke up and could not walk. Fast forward two years and I still have an inflamed tendon on the outside of my left foot.

    Moral of the story, GRADUALLY work your way up. Don’t do too much, too fast. That was what I did. I wasn’t ready to run that long and I suffered the consequences. The good news is that my podiatrist gave me the go ahead to train again now, on the condition of some physical therapy. YAY! I’m in week 2 of a 19 week plan (I’m taking it slooooow).

    Good luck!!!

  61. CONGRATULATIONS! On the newly married status AND completing the run! You look like the happiest person in the world, instead of a tired-as-hell-cuz-I-just-ran-a-half-marathon! 🙂

  62. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!!! 🙂
    I was inspired like you after cheering on someone, she did her 48th marathon last year! I saw people all ages, all shapes and sizes, all levels of fitness and ability – and I thought, hurrayyy, marathons really are for everyone, even me 🙂
    I am running my first marathon here in Victoria BC in October!

  63. Wow–great comments. It seems to me that the fun of running a half is the scenery & settings of the event. Is this your experience as well? I still haven’t done my first one–your blog may change that!

  64. Good for you! I am training for a 10k. Best advice I heard: add a mile to your running regimen every week. And run 3-4 times a week. Another great practice: interval running. One minute of sprinting, and then a few minutes of recovery – excellent calorie burn.
    Best wishes to you as you train! Sounds like it will be a memorable race!

  65. This is awesome! Like you I got motivated myself at the Austin Livestrong Marathon earlier this year. Exactly, ‘why not.” I completed my 1st 5K a few weeks ago, and began training for the Rock n Roll San Antonio 1/2 Marathon in November. Yeah, these races are pricey! Good luck with your training, you can do it!

  66. Good luck on your race! I started running three years ago and haven’t looked back 🙂 Just following one of the training plans out there and you’ll do fine! Can’t wait to hear how you did!

  67. I’ve just started running again, having done an 8k fun run after 20 yrs of nothing (and 3 kids). Start gently, do some interval training and change it around. You have to keep the body strong, so other gym work aswell as the actual running. Not sure I’m capable of doing a half marathon just yet, but I’d like to do a 10k ‘easily’. I ran the 8k in 58min, but htat was with jsut 5 weeks training from scratch. Good luck, I look forward to hearing more about it 🙂

  68. Congrats on your accomplishment! Great post! I remember when I started racing and how exciting each race was…that hasn’t left me even 6 years later.

    My first half marathon training was a learning curve. The best advice I can give to others it to make your core strengthening & training regime just as much of a priority as the running itself. That should help keep you injury-free and on schedule.

    Good luck on your training!

  69. I’ve only been to a 5k marathon once. I had so much fun doing it, especially when you see lots of people running as well. I’ve been looking forward to have a follow-up run but so far, I’ve been pretty busy at work I couldn’t commit to anything. Thanks to this, I think I have to push harder! Haha.

  70. Great decision, wish you all the best for your 1st halfmarathon, my first is a night-halfmarathon the 8th june and the second is a mountain-halfmarathon the 24th june. Most important for training and running: listen to your body!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Let’s rock that body 🙂

  71. My favorite distance is the Half Marathon! There are lots of training programs online, and a good place to start is; the online community is great. I have a few fellow runners on my blogroll, who also have runners on their blogroll 😉

    Also congrats on being Freshly Pressed (which is where I found you), and I love your hair color.

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  73. Hey! I am signed up for that event too!! Because of some unfortunate life dilemmas that came up this year my training kind of went out the window and now I will be coming by myself but I figured that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I should take advantage of it even if I won’t be able to run the entire thing. 🙂 Maybe I will see you out there! I am sure that you are going to do great! If you’ve got track and field in your past I am sure that you are going to do great! I am not really athletic at all but I aspire to be a runner. It’s something that I’ve longed for for quite some time.

  74. When someone writes an piece of writing he/she retains the image of a user in his/her mind
    that how a user can be aware of it. Thus that’s why this paragraph is perfect. Thanks!

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