On the subject of twins…

Yesterday we went for a long walk around Kits Beach. Since it wasn’t raining, everyone in Vancouver was out and about. People walking their dogs, people running, people sipping their lattes, people gossiping with their friends, people playing volleyball, people playing frisbee and people with children.

We passed a couple with a double stroller and two sleeping babies. Twins we assumed. As the stroller passed us by Andrew pondered out loud, What if we had twins? He smiled and looked at me. I am guessing at this moment he was hoping to look at me and see the same smile, for us to think the same happy future parenting thought, and to discuss out loud about the joys of having not one, but two bundles of joy at once.

“The thought of twins terrifies me,” I blurted out. Well it’s true. This was not the reply he was expecting.

“But think about it,” he began, “With two at once, you get them out of the way. Done deal.”

My eyes widen in disbelief. Did he actually just say that? Done deal? For who? I think. My mind flashes to girlfriends of mine with newborns and the tired, exhausted look on their faces, the conversations about baby rashes, the crying, screaming, pooping and breast-feeding and he wants two at once? Of course I don’t know parenting from first hand experience but my second hand knowledge combined with hollywood movies and stories my mom has shared about me as a child are enough for me to conclude…”Maybe we should get a dog first.”


9 thoughts on “On the subject of twins…

  1. If you’re going to have twins, do it first. You won’t know it’s any different. That said, I’ve never had twins and thank goodness for that!

  2. To tell you the truth, I wish I had twins with you and Amanda and like Andrew said, ‘get it over with,” but that’s just me. On the other hand, I think the dog idea is a damn good one.

  3. haha! i was just thinking the same thing last night! i went camping with friends and we had my dog and her dog in our tent and they were both up all night, so i thought, what if these were two babies?! i think you should get a dog first 🙂

  4. that totally happens to us! we go for a simple walk and end up having the deepest, most meaningful conversations. usually their good ones, every so often they lead to a whole other type of conversation…. oh well, that’s love i guess!

  5. Great post! Funny we’ve had a lot of deep conversations & big decisions made on the beach (usually Cadboro Bay/ Willows). Like when we discovered we had somehow become immune to B.C. beauty and moved back east for a year. Anyways, maybe my kids are just too old now (youngest = 4) for me to remember correctly but we got a dog last year for the first time and it felt like so much more of a hassle than a kid. Caring for children feels more natural (esp. in an apartment) also kids grow up and can go pee in the toilet, and are also better at snuggling and don’t eat poop, or tampons from the garbage. Twins would be more of a hassle at birth-1 yr, but I think they would be easier after (instant friends).

  6. My thought is if your first children are twins, you have nothing to compare it to, so it won’t feel harder than one child! Boys seem to think ‘getting it out of the way’ makes sense… eek…

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