Over the weekend

The weekend was relaxing. And Andrew and I needed it. We both worked a couple 12 hour days this past week and were feeling the strain. For the first time in weeks I had both Saturday and Sunday off. Ah, I could get used to this.

Saturday night we laid low, watched The Godfather Part 2 (We’re on a big mob/mafia movie phase right now) and made turkey tacos.

 I love turkey tacos. They’re simple. Just substitute ground beef for ground turkey. It’s a lighter meal, they’re better for you and in my mind I think they even taste better.

Andrew and I have taco night at least once a week but this was the first time I made my very own guacamole at home and didn’t buy it pre-made from Whole Foods. Move over Martha Stewart… Ashly Kissman is getting comfortable with the cutting board.

Sunday we woke up early and headed down to Seattle for a day trip. I was able to get some Mariner’s tickets through work so we went on a mini road trip south to my homeland. We stopped at an outlet mall on the way down to Safeco Field too. Andrew bought a couple of items and I bought nothing! Nothing! Are you shocked? I was. Maybe married life has made me more conservative with my money… probably not. But I’ll take the day as a victory anyway.

Good thing the Mariners also claimed victory over the Oakland A’s (you know the team featured in the movie Moneyball). Speaking of movies we made our own little video of today’s day trip. Complete with garlic fries (tasted great but regrettable afterwards for reasons I am sure you can imagine–we were burping garlic all last night), Cracker Jacks, beer and sunshine.

Mariner’s Game Opening Weekend 2012 from Ashly Kissman on Vimeo.

Song in video is “Burning Photographs” by Chad VanGalen


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