Wedding videos

My mom and my younger sister Amanda just booked their flights to come visit me in Vancouver this summer to do wedding stuff and now my mind is once again full of wedding details. What my dress will look like, the flowers, the toasts, the dancing! With family living so far away we are going to try to cram cake testing, dress shopping, and catering consulting all in one short week. They will finally get to see the beautiful venue Andrew and I picked this past January for our June 2013 wedding and help me pick the right decor for the space.

Amanda introduced me to the website Paperback Weddings a few months ago.

I love how this small company based out of California creates videos turning weddings into a sort of time capsule/music video full of intimate moments, memories and details that more traditional wedding videos just don’t seem to capture. It’s the documentary sort of style that makes these videos modern and emotional and captivating…

Andrew and I used these videos as inspiration to create the video capturing our elopement.

There’s several videos on the website, but this one is our favorite… but warning: if you watch one, you will watch them all. Oh ya and get ready to cry…

the fritsch family • charleston, SC from Paperback Weddings on Vimeo.


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