Hot Cider and Apple Chips

One of our new year’s resolutions was to be better tourists in our own town, so we stopped by the winter’s farmer’s market at Nat’s Bailey Stadium last weekend to check out the eats and sweets. Everyone and their dog was out (literally!) and it made Andrew and I want a dog so badly! We have wanted one for awhile now but trying to care for a pet in a tiny apartment is pretty hard. Not to mention trying to find a nice rental in Vancouver that allows pets.

On the flip side, at least now we get to pet and play with everyone else’s dogs without having to take care of the animal. That’s kind of like saying I love babies but for now just want to play with them and then hand them back to their mothers and fathers when they start screaming, crying or throwing up… (ew)

I guess a pet dog (AND babies) will have to wait for a couple (SEVERAL) years.

We bought vegetable truffle chips, thai red curry sauce and apple chips. But I think Andrew was most impressed with the hot cider!

It felt like Spring had finally arrived in Vancouver!

Too bad it was short lived and it’s nothing but rain this week…


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