Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday Andrew! A whole quarter of a century year old.

On Saturday we slept in till 11am, went to the winter farmer’s market at Nat Bailey Stadium and then joined a buddy of ours who was also celebrating his birthday at a bar to dance the night away.

I whispered to our friend Bal to bet Andrew $20 to do the “worm” on the dance floor, knowing he wouldn’t back down from a challenge. What resulted was Andrew doing the “worm,” (not once, but twice!) on the dance floor, thereby becoming the life of the party.

Let’s just say I didn’t marry him for his dancing skills, but have to admit I love that he’s not afraid to bust a move.


5 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend

  1. Happy Birthday Andrew! I remember when you were 5 – not 25. So glad to see you are happy and well. I hear about your adventures through Matt.
    Big hugs!
    Love, Cathy Berghahn

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