Sweet tooth

Andrew and I have the most opposite work schedules right now but luckily we were able to enjoy Sunday afternoon together. So we strolled through the posh Vancouver neighborhood of Kerrisdale, had some thai food for dinner and then popped into Fanbourg, a dessert cafe, coffee shop and bakery all in one. Andrew is much more of a candy guy but I melt for anything that contains the word ‘cake’ in it. I don’t bake very well (let alone cook) which is probably a good thing considering if I did know how to make these decadent treats I would eat them all by myself shortly after baking them. I never did understand how Monica on Friends was a master chef and baker and was so skinny.

I asked Andrew once “Would you still love me if I put on a lot of weight?” I feel like I should stop here and add that every girl asks her partner this at some point or another and I am not sure why because what answer are we really expecting to get? Really. Surely not the answer my darling husband gave me.

Andrew responds, “Yes, but just a little less.” He says with a smirk just to bug me. Luckily he still bought me this dessert tonight. Smart man.


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